Greeting from Kota Kinabalu :) back from an island this evening. I got my butt sunburned damn bad because I applied sunblock all over my body but this particular area. Now I have a panties-shape there and yeah, gross. A small kid will easily tell you it's a (fairer) triangle on my butt.

My luggage.

Out from my expectation. Apparently Sandakan Airport has better efficiency compared to LCCT in the matter of luggage-arrival and immigration counters.

The Sandakan town.

I felt a little awkward when I first came here. Unlike what I've seen in other cities/towns in Malaysia, they have different stores in few floors in a block. They have mini supermarket at the 1st floor or printing shops at the 2nd floor. I wonder if the stores upstairs have business, especially the mini store.

 Recommended by local Sandakan people.

 Dried and keep in this room to avoid flies.

 mouth watering salt prawns.

 Clamps, I guess.

 Sweet and sour crabs.

My favourite was "Fu Yong Xiu Hai", this one is my new love!
I don't really like fish, but this one is good.

 Must be very hurtful if I use the fish to bitchslap people :)

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