I bet many of you heard about Enchanted Garden located in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Frankly speaking, all I ever wished for this particular trip was to visit the park for 2 consecutive days. Wasn't expecting to have the opportunity to dine in here. Apparently, I can ask more than that!

The entrance
Yours truly.

It's advisably that to book your reservation at least three months in advance for breakfast buffet. In case we both need to go out to the city for breakfast, I took the initiative to make an international call to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Fortunately, as a hotel guest, we did have priority in making reservation.


I seriously in love with Victorian style. The ambiance is calm and warm, it's a pleasure to dine at such place! Let it alone the variety of buffet they've offered.

The buffet are divided into three session. You may choose from the 7am, 8am or 9am session. We had chosen the earliest session so that I can enjoy my breakfast until 11am. The time is just nice before we entered the park. I can save my lunch. #likethatalsocan
Mickey waffle!
The famous pancake!
Yogurts, eww.
Fruity jam and butter
Want some, anyone?

Differently from Hollywood Hotel, the buffet session in Enchanted Garden is way more interested and worth to pay! I can assure you that, it is super deal to have breakfast in Enchanted Garden, every cent paid off as..


Without queuing up. Some of the guests don't really bother to take photos with them, so this is a great opportunity to take as as much as photos you want, if only you have thick face like mine. #likethatalsocan

Before Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy came to my table, I was like an eagle, have my eyes following them. I have my camera ready in hands! The boyfriend teased me for being like that. Why I care as long as I can take photos with my beloved Disney Characters. #likethatalsocan

I think I had been annoying that Goofy somehow visited my table for the 38479234757 times, he finally grabbed my boyfriend's hand and pulled him to the next hall, and seated him with a single lady, a prettier and sexier one, indeed. LOLS.

So, in conjunction with Halloween, Mickey dressed as a vampire. Cute and funny.


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