Greeting people! So if you're wondering what I am up now, I am actually having hard time sitting in an office draft out plans and preparing all the bullshit wasting my time paper works. Today is my birthday and my phone is beeping since morning due to my Facebook notifications. First of all, thanks to all of you who wishes me Happy Birthday! I have difficulties expressing my happiness when I receive birthday gifts so seriously, wishes are good to make my day.

How often we made a wish and the dream came true? I have happy thoughts, but ironically, many told me that it seems like I don't have a kid in my hot warm heart, which make me a serious person. Objection. I admit that I have a complicated personality but the statement of me being serious and unhappy is not convincingly backed up by any of their words because I know I am a person who don't feel happy every second but I am definitely a person with positive mind and motivation. Fullstops.

And so, as I mentioned earlier here, Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary and definitely I don't wish to miss this special event! I have that fabulous and memorable Disney Experience crafted on my brain cells and oh have I emphasized how entreme hyper and excited I was with their Victoria-style bedroom? And also greeted by Disney characters during my breakfast buffet session in Enchanted Garden.

One thing that potong stim is I don't get to spend much time strolling down the hotel because yours truly had devoted most of her time to the Disney Park instead. It was during end of Summer but the hot sun is not going to stop me from exploring every inch of the ground there.

And I told myself I want to stay in this hotel for the second time in the next two years. It costs me HKD2640 with GST included per night. I stayed 2 nights. So it's presumably that I am not able to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and stay in the hotel once a year because I don't have a tree growing cash notes in the backyard. But, I think I've been hardworking and also a lucky person whom have a very supportive partner, I am glad to tell you all that I am going to Hong Kong Disneyland this coming 17th!

I don't really ask for my parents' permission whenever I go overseas. I have passport and I don't want to leave them blank, you know? One of my wishes during my childhood time is to have the same amount of passports as my father's. He actually have a safety box to keep all his passports and it's so unfair he gets to fly all the time. It's would be so perfect if he is a pilot but no, he is just a businessman.


Look at my happy face. I hold my big wide smile when I finally click the submit button to complete the payments for airfares and hotel reservation, then I turn my chair facing my mom and told her : "Mummy, I'm going to Hong Kong for a week." Not expecting any response from her but she actually answered: "What? Second time within half a year?" My mind was blank. I counted with my tiny fingers, indeed, she is wrong, it supposed to be the second time within 7 months. I did not answered her but remain silent. Talk so much later parents ground me in the room.








I have 10 of this at home now.


You spotted me!

Happy Halloween!


I brought all these home.

Disney channel!

Checking out.



Face of man-when-can-we-come-again

My dad called me this morning to wish me. I asked him defensively what he had heard about me from mum wtf I am so old now but still afraid that he might know what I did last summer. He laughed and wished me Happy Birthday, and before I thanked him I asked him if he wants to give me angpau, haha greedy. Completely honest to him I told him I'm going to Hong Kong and guess what? He is coming back for a week. Both my Hong Kong time clashed with his holidays, what a coincidence.

I still remember there was once I asked my dad why is he becoming shorter and shorter. He told me it's because I'm growing up from 120cm to 170cm.  Epic question.

By the way, hope you all like all the photos :) Although it's a 7 months old pictures but I promise to snap more during my coming trip to Hong Kong. You all have a great day.

PS : Heard the weather there is quite misty and foggy now. I got thick face but thin skin, hardly bear the cold, how?