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Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre believed is the world's largest centre and it's located about 25KM from the Sandakan Town. As during the time I've spoke to one of the rangers, there are about 80 Orang Utan under the rehabilitation programme and living free in the reserved rainforest.

The Kong Family.

The entrance.

Checking up the bag and ready to be kept in the locker provided.

Keep your things safe. Some of the apes may try to grab your camera or hat, and by calling the rangers to get it back to you is nearly zero possibility as the apes climb trees and they are better wrestler than human. Free locker service and key-lock are provided just located next to the exhibition hall.

Photo taken last year.

Tickets are at reasonable price for MyKad holders. RM5 for adult and RM2 for children under 12. You are required to pay RM5.00 for each camera (regardless compact or DSLR) that you're bringing into the feeding platform. I would recommend to bring your camera along as over 200 species birds and a variety of plants can be found in 5000 hectares of forest reserve.

My first time experience in Sepilok almost got me hurt threaten by one of the dominating apes, this time I was forcefully pulled away from the boardwalk handle which nearly sprain my neck.


I was just 10 cm away from it.


The best time to visit Sepilok is during the feeding time which is twice a day, 10.00am and 3.00pm by rangers. From the entrance, walking through the boardwalk and it leads you to the viewing gallery and feeding platforms. The time is still early when we reached there, so we decide to take a quick trekking before the feeding time.







That's me posing on a bridge that leads us don't know where. Just a reminder that you need a permit from the authority before trekking the 5KM trail in the mangrove forest. This trail connects you to the Sepilok Laut and you may arrange a return boat and accommodations in Sepilok Nature Resort!

Feeding time folks! Rangers feed them with bananas. It's advisable to pay extra care on your belongings during feeding time as many monkeys and apes flooding the deck and they may grab your belongings just for fun!

feeding platform.


Orang Utan

Clipping my nails using an invisible nail-clipper.

Beautiful hazel eyes.

Whatcha looking at?

See this? Healthy teeth I have.

It's me with a new stunt.


Threatening teeth!

Nearly get attacked again. This time I hide behind a big man and ready to counter back with my camera if the ape are trying to jump on me. Guess those apes are enjoy fooling us by just walking on the handle around us and showed their teeth intended to warn us not to intrude his territory.

A group photo before heading out.

Aside from those monkeys, long-tailed macaques and apes, I spotted two baby Orang Utan! I don't know why but I felt touched and it was so heart warming to see the twins grow up healthy and secured in a reserved centre.

The day indeed a hot day and many fan themselves barehanded or with a folded paper. Just a tips to cool down yourself, walk to the public toilet located next to the cafeteria, you'll find air-conditioner inside the toilet. I took my own sweet time combing my hair and washed my face with clean cold water. 

The ladies.

This is a bonus. A ranger showed us "Ular Kapak" outside the toilet. Dare not to get a closed up because not sure if it's sleeping or just resting on the stick.

A poisonous snake.

Lastly, a picture of myself in case you forgotten how I look like.

Yours truly.

More to come, stay tuned. Happy TGIF!