I'm so busy for the whole week! I absent for 3 days and I'm gonna back to college by tomorrow. I can't wait to step on the chair in the lecture hall, I'm gonna sleep on the table till my saliva dropping down... Oh I miss my college life~!

I miss him.."Him" is a dog outside my house. He was caught by MPS this afternoon. Oh gawk, I'm so sad~! I saved him last time by paying RM 200 to the dog catcher, for this time, I can't 'cause I don't have extra money. My god~! I wish I could. I was having lecture in college when he was caught for the first time. My mom called me and calling for my helps. I came out from the hall and started contact all the people I know from MPS. At last, after about 6 or 7 calls, I got the cellphone number of the dog catcher. I got him, used all my power of talking and threatening technic, they promised to bring the dog to my college. As an appreciation, I paid them RM 200. It's a life, you know? Hilmy came to my hostel with my younger sis and brought back the little dog back to Seremban with them, at night.

My friend, Carmen sent me an email few days ago. I decided to read it today, well, too busy for forwarded messages few days back. (But, I read it anyhow, aite?) I know Carmen is a animal lover too. She sent me an URL. It's a PETA website with a video attached to. Oh gawk~! It hurts my heart badly! If I have cursing power, those brainless people will have the honor as my first VIP in my curse list. How cruel they ended those animals' lives. My god~! These crucial damn things proved that the way I'm choosing how to manage my SOT SWC committees for this year, is the best damn right thing in my life.

This is the URL. I need at least 500 signature for the petition.

Please help us. Be a part as all you need to do is type in your name in the list. Not more than 10 seconds for those who often play MSN. They can type really fast.

It makes me so sad~! They are chinese and I'm a chinese too! What is my people doing over there? Killing animals and have no feelings when they did that to those helpless animals. I don't dare and have no balls to show my mom this video, for who I am today, I got it from her. She taught me to love animals and care bout the people around me. She will definately burst her sadness into tears and anger once she watches this video.

Please... the people around me, the people I know, the people that I don't know... Don't do these to the animals. They have lives and feelings like us. They are GOD creature and I am so damn sure most of them are adorable and lovely if compared to human being. I can be so cruel to human being but animals. Please, please stop these, no matter how you're going to do these, we have to stop these crucial acts TOGETHER. Everyone can contribute their powers to stop these from happening. One is not enough, but two might helps. Little by little we let the world knows we are strong enough to change this, we can't make it, our children can make it.

God Bless.