My outfit of the day.

Thought to dress up like a Mechanic Monster, but I failed max, there was too much for the day and I barely have a time to even have a drink. So here I go, with the jacket and dress, both from Topshop.

I think I am not a friendly person and I need time before I really talk to a new friend. I was looking for anyone who got the invitation over the INNIT and blogs, finally I found some of them. They are really nice and willing to go there with me.

Kenny Sia was the MC for the day. He is funny thou.

With Kenny Sia!

I did not win any of the competition nor lucky draw. It's already been very lucky for me to be picked up by Nuffnang as one of the 100 blog entries for the invitation. :) I'm not greedy.

I'm happy despite of the embarrassment for not able to know how to use my own camera.
I need Henry to program it for me before I took my first picture in the club, hence the limited pictures due to lighting/ flash and noise, I guess that's the reasons, no?

This is the consequences when you're over confidence and thought yourself as an engineer who able to handle ALL THE ELECTRICAL DEVICES. Man, I need to chew on the camera manual book starting this moment.

PS : Dori Lukey can't recognize me in the photo. Ms Xeroz said that I look so much different before and after make up. And nao, Dori Lukey add a plus on this statement. Maybe I should start to doll up myself.

A friend of mine tagged me in a video in Facebook, said I should start training my pug like Hutch, a male pug that featured in the video. Animals, especially dogs never fail to make me fall in love with them. If you are one of the reader of this blog, you know that I'm an animal lover, I constantly blog about my furkids, 4 of them undeniably adorable and smart. They are my happy pills.

This entry supposedly to show you the video, I can guarantee you that your heart will melt after you watched it. Unless you're another cold-hard bitch. But before that, let me show you some of Joker's photo, which I took it recently.

Somehow, my friends commented that she looks like a spy in this photo. Maybe she's spying at the Rottweiler next door. A huge and muscular handsome dog.

Nothing can beat her cuteness. I never intended to take any toy group breed as pet, thought they are noisy and unbearably playful. Until I saw Joker crawled in her cage in the pet shop, I can't hold it and I fell in love with this gorgeous creature! I took me 3 days before I finally decided to take her home.

This video is one of Vadofone's advertising campaigns. Enjoy it!

Look-alike, isn't it? I bought this soft-stool because both of 'em look alike. I used to think that English Bulldog or French Bulldog are better than pug, but I was totally wrong. Pug is so cute and you can't resist their cuteness! I always fooled by Joker's face expressions, she'll show me one kind of pitiful face if she wants a piece of the food in my hand. If it wasn't of my mentally strength, she already had eaten all and left myself with nothing in hands.


Did I told you about Frank, the pug in Men In Black? :)

Photos credit to Azhar Studio.

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is the world's first "Cyber Game Festival", designed to build a healthy cyber culture. The best gamers around the world gather into different cities to share the excitement and fun of the game tournaments.

This was the first time I joined as part of them, representing AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) as one of the Miss WCG 2010 contestant. I attended Big Boys Toys before, but WCG is a totally different form of a must-attend event for the guys out there. This year, WCG Malaysia 2010 conducted various type of games for the gamers to outshine their gaming skills.

They have Guitar Hero 5, SDO, Sudden Attack, Tekken and so on.

This post supposed to be the short introduction about WCG 2010. I shall let the pictures do the talking for now.

 Counter Strike was the main final official game for WCG Malaysia 2010. It's a battle between groups, 5 gamers in each. The grand winner can go home with RM10,000 cash! Can you believe it? I'm going to install this game and start my training nao!

 Freebies from AMD.

Many booths give out free-installation gaming CD, posters, calendars, tissues, leaflet and key-chains. AMD has been so thoughtful, the food court is located outside the exhibition hall and it takes too much hassle to get a drink from there, thus the management give out drinking water to all the visitors.

Apart from that, the visitors' eyes are well-treated and comforted by all the pretty girls (except me) from different booth. During the 3 days of Exhibition and Tournament, you can vote them as the girls are the contestants for Miss WCG 2010.

Guess who's the 1st and 2nd Runner Up for Miss WCG 2010 in the picture below?
The author, Michelle, Dreamy and Angeline.

I'm actually humiliating myself by posting this photo up. I had so much fun with them, yet, I'm worried that I would caused bad reputation to AMD. Commonly, all the girls are pretty and outstanding. This thought had been killing me since the first second I'm offered with this task. I'm happy and grateful with the opportunity given by Natlely Goh, nothing can beat the happiness. So people, be nice to my comment box, if you're attempting to curse or humiliate me, should get a life and just back off. :)

Future is Fusion.
 Click to enlarge.

Things have been going pretty smooth lately. Skepticism leads the way and I started to doubt about things that happened around me. I am a believer of :

Pain is the price to pay before any precious things.

So am I gonna die? Am I? Am I? Am I?


Due to overload work and projects that constantly flooded my mail box, my first thing to do after I open my eyes is the check my mail, washing face and brushing teeth are the second thing. As usual, more than 10 mails awaiting for my reply. I clicked it one-by-one with extreme boredom. When I came across the sender column which stated Nuffnang, my heart beat skipped. Is that..... Nuffnang? Sorry to act such way, I seldom receive mails from Nuffnang, it only happens once in a blue moon, let it alone movie invitation or "coffee with Nuffie".

I repeatedly rubbed my eyes, I stared at the screen with disbelief sigh. Invitation to LG Cookie Monster Party? Are you serious? I'm one of the best 100 entries? Before I jumped up from my seat, I presume that they might be received only 101 entries, and one of them submitted the broken link. I just couldn't believe it! I am never be such a lucky person! To be frank, I never won any lucky draw since I was young, sadly. But nah, I'm just being imaginative. How can only 101 entries submitted? Impossible.

I submitted an entry to take part in LG Cookie contest. I was hoping so much that Nuffnang would have take a sight on my blog entry, at least I have the 0.1% chance. I'm an optimistic person, but at some point, the more you put your hope in, the more you feel the disappointment. I afraid to put so much hopes, I've known some of the Nuffnangers and those who took part, they can write better than me. I still can't believe that I received the invitation from Nuffnang, and I kept checking my mail just to confirm if the mail still there, secured in my inbox. Nothing could describe my happiness, even the sun rays jealous of my glow. *face beaming*

I appreciate the invitation and I have my fingers crossed, hopefully nothing will up by time and I can arrange my own transport. For those, especially my readers, if you want to be part of us, if you are a party animal potential writer, like to meet new people, a thoughtful person that need a platform to confess your thoughts or whatsoever, kick start by register as one of the Nuffnangers, the most happening community in town. All you need to do is to have a blog, or if you have one, and nao you are one step closer to be part of the most glamorous and enjoyable events / campaigns / movie screenings and etc.

See you there!

Once again,

Nuffnang rawks!

PS: This is a single invite. For those who received an invitation and would like to find a partner, feel free to drop a comment here. :)

Donald Duck knee down in front of me. He pulled out a ring and said : "Will you marry me?"

I do not feel happy, but heartache. I was crying, I was so sad, I felt the pain inside, I couldn't speak a word.

He was still there, waiting for my answer. He was blushed at first, but when tears started to roll down to my cheeks, I saw the doubtfulness in his eyes. The pain is even more, I want to talk to him, but I just couldn't. I want to apologize, but I hesitated.

The sky is dark. Nobody around us. He stood up, he handed me the ring, then, he silently turn around and walk off.

I run after him and pull his shirt, and when he turns around, I realize I woke up in my bed. Looked at the wall-clock, it shows 3.45AM. I relieved a sigh. Rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. I stared at the reflection on the mirror.

Sigh again. I look at myself. I am mature compared to 4 years ago. It was a bad goodbye. I can't really recall how broken heart we were, all I can remember is egotism that make us fall apart. It was so long ago, I hardly remember the details of the scene, but I know someone had hurt badly.

I do not take the initiative to meet him again, and confess apology to him. I hid, I refused to see his face.

In the dream, I know I am sad but I don't know what's the reason. Sigh.

Maybe, dream isn't true. It's just a dream anyways.