The front view of the restaurant.

The best time to visit this restaurant is before 8PM. A long queue before we are able to have a seat. People are waiting for tables outside the restaurant. I believe the staff here are not local, most of them talk hokkien, which I am puzzled. I was like : " Hah? "

This restaurant is located at Jalan Kapar, Klang. Same row as the Lembaga Tabung Haji. Very hard to locate this restaurant, the lights are poor and you need to make a big turn around before you reached here. Consider quite far if you come from Lebuhraya Persekutuan.

Wash the plates.

They don't provide hot water as what most of the chinese restaurants did. so I use the Chinese Tea we ordered to wash the chopsticks and plates.

The food served quite late. We waited for almost 30 minutes before our first order served.

Steamed clams, the signature dish.

To be frank, the taste is ordinary. I think Seremban restaurants can do better. I am not a big fan of spicy food, this lala is quite spicy with the gravy.

Nestum mantis prawns.

Cooked with corn flakes. The look is tempting. but it's not as delicious as what I expected.

Tai Luk Mee

In short, nothing special, I am quite dissapointed. They added more pork lards which made the dish smells good, but the taste. Most of my friends from Kuala Lumpur recommended this restaurant, I think it is because they have not try out our Serembanian's food.

Additionally, I received summon because I exceeded the speed limit on highway. Went to this restaurant on September, a "Yok Kon" mailed to my address after a month, there goes my RM300. *WTF*

Seafood Lover, Roslyn

Love Christmas. Merry Christmas, my people ;)

Noobs are getting in their positions for a nice photography.

Were looking for lunch. We are SO bored of the restaurants or stalls in Pavilion, as much as having MC Donald's. Passed by The Loaf, so we decided to try on the small little cute cakes.

Mini U Hu! Hu!

The Loaf, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Lot 3-13-00 and 4-12-02, Levels 3 and 4 @ Pavilion,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
Tel: +603 2145 3036

1 @ RM2.80
6 @ RM 15.00
12 @ RM 29.00

We bought a dozen. Costed us Rm30.45 including the taxes. Let me introduce some of the heartthrob mini U-hu-hu.

Blueberry Treasures

Coco Loco

Luxurious Chocolate

Trickled Caramel


Lustrous Coffee

Durian Obsession

My younger sister, the cheese-cake lover.

I am not so into cheese. But I would love to give a try.

Never been in The Loaf. It always crowded and I am not a patient person. Hate the long queue. My younger sister would like to have those mini u-hu-hu, there is why I am here.

Brought some back home and let my bii and mummy to try it, they said its taste sweet and good. Those mini u-hu-hu have layers under the surface, not the plain cheese cake. Should try it. Definitely will buy it again next time I go to Pavilion. Thumbs up for the Lustrous Coffee.

They have membership as well. RM10 upon registration. 3%, 7%, 10% or 15% off depends on your loyalty. Which mean if you buy often, will get more discounts.

I am not a fanatic of these, so I didn't sign for that. ;)

Cheese Cake Is So Cheesy - Roslyn

Love it.

LG has Prada, Nokia has Raoul now. I was effing dying for Prada before, my heart doesn't give myself a green light because of the features and also the price.

If not mistaken, it's about RM3000 for the LG Prada. No 3G. Dead.

Nokia N97mini Raoul only sell at RM2550.00. Only 1000 units in Malaysia.

N97mini Raoul is a bonus! I was thinking to buy N97mini, however, the white coloured doesn't attract me at all. I want something unique.

Saw the Nokia-Raoul showcase in Pavilion and I was thrilled when I first saw this phone.

Love the color. Love the price!

My wallpaper

They have the main contents where you can choose to have shorcuts, handy.

I've put GPS, WEB, Youtube, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.

Also the shortcuts to Notes, Voice Message Reader, Wifi and Fashion Updates.

Fashion updates is an application from FJ Benjamin. This app will updates the latest runways from La Senza, Raoul, Banana Republic and etc.

The handsfree with MP3 navigator.

This phone has 8GB bulit in memory. The normal N97 should have 16GB. Both the phones can support up to external 32GB memory.

All of my songs are Avenged Sevenfold's and AAR's.


At RM2550, you can get :

Leather box from Raoul where you put your Nokia box and whatsoever.

Leather pouch. I'll use it occassionally.

Extra back cover - Normal and Raoul Edition.

And also the RM100 voucher from Raoul.

People telling me iPhone 3Gs or BB is the best.

Look around, people.
Most of the girls blogged about "BB".
It's a trend, I guess.
I tried on BB before.
Can't say anything about it, BB lovers will start to harp on me.

But, look at N97mini Raoul,

This phone definitely is my type, love the features and love its' "limited/special Edition"!

To be frank,

I started to look out phones with keyboard after watching GG.

Like GG's,

they snapped photos, swipe the phone and start to play with the keyboard.

Again, Raoul is the one for me. ;)

Love SMSing using the keyboard - Roslyn

Tony Roma's Pavilion

KLLot 1.15, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-21433278

This is the 3rd time going there with bii.

Good food with affordable prices.

It's a typical America restaurant. You can find sandwiches, steaks and ribs, burgers, pasta and desserts. Food served in big portion, they are famous of their steaks and ribs.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to have any meat before I am healed. I've ordered the seafood pasta, no prawns-eating, only tomato-ed pasta.

As well as a bottomless drinks at RM8.90 each.

Half Loaf RM12.90 / Full Loaf RM16.90

Onion Loafer. Giant onion rings with superb sauce. Taste awesome!

Seafood Spaghetti RM31.90

Chicken breast with 2 sides.

You should try their mashed potato! Effing delicious. It's my favorite.

I love the fresh brocolli as well. Yummy.

Close Up. RM31.90

Delicious. I just had an operation last Monday, couldn't eat this meal.

Talking about chicken breast, or should I say Chicken.

I always thought that we DO NOT eat Cock.

I meant : Cock = Male Chicken

My mummy told me that I can eat chicken cooked by her in the mean time.

"Never ever eat chicken from the restaurants!"

I thought she was refering to the sauce or whatsoever.

Then, my bii's mom warned me not to eat chicken especially cock.

Question marks. I am confused.

Called my mummy and asked about eating hen and cock.

She told me that I am not allowed to eat chicken unless she cooks it cause she'll buy hen.

Question mark again.

I thought we do not eat cock at all.

"If this is so, all the hens are slaughtered, cocks walk away like a freeman."

My bii answered me.

Making sense.

I am not stupid nor dumb.

Do 'you think' you know how to differenciate the alligators and crocodiles?

I can, mind you. It is so easy to me.

Hahaha. Mostly people don't.

Basically, I don't know all the things, including the eating-cock-issue.

Alright back to Tony Roma's, people.

Once you get your receipt,

log in to to complete the survey,

you will be applicable for 10% off the next time you dine in.

T&C apply.

Upcoming Blog Entry :

N97mini Raoul Edition

My new phone is effing rocks!

XOXO, Roslyn

Joker in bed.

Jack's Lover.

Joker loves red so much. Almost all her toys are red in color.

Bought a small fluffy house for her as the birthday gift. She loves it so much.

She put all her toys in the house, she is clever not to pee or shit in the house.

I just washed the pillow of the house, she was waiting at the balcony staring at the pillow, waiting it to dry so that she can sleep.

The house is flea-free, mind you. ;)

"Go! Go! Biting! "

Sometimes she is annoying. She will make noise if we do not hug her or put her in bed with us. She is clever as well, she will bite a toy and caress your legs, just to tell you :

" Come and play with me! "

How cute she is ;)

She will bark at my mom, telling her :

" I want to eat, hurry! "

She follows us to the bathroom ,because she wants to take bath too.

Yes, she loves to take bath like those girls.

After the bath, she'll wait for my mom to put body lotion on her.

Amazing, isn't it?

Not to mention, must use whitening lotion or Body Shop's body butter.

My younger sis even put make up on her cheeks.


I never thought that I'll take a toy group as my pet.

Few months back, I went to a pet shop after my meeting in KL.

Saw her tapping the glass window with her paws, showing her pink tongue and watery big eyes.

"Ouh, so cute! " I told my bii.

"I want this puppy!"

Action speaks louder, I checked out the price.

*Gulp* RM1899.00, with microchip and MKA cert.

" It's effing expensive for such a small dog.." I hesitated.

I went back home with empty handed, full hearted thinking about her.

I kept nagging my bii, saying :

" She is so cute, I will named her as Jenny, Jean, or.... "

" You named her? haha, she is not even your pet! "

My desire is burning like wild fire!

" Yellow! Your pug sell already arh? " Called after 2 days.

" The female pug you hugged the other day? No." The supervisor answered.

"Okay, get ready in 30 minutes, I'm coming to pick her up."

Decision made, nobody can change my mind.

Paid RM1899.00, my half-month salary gone, but,

"She is worth more than this price." I told myself.

Yes, she is.

She makes my life brighter.

She is annoying, yet, intelligent.

She'll pee and shit on the floor instead of in the toilet if she 'bu shuang' you.

She'll kiss you and jumping around you if you have food in your hand.

She likes to annoy Roche and Mumble, wake them up and bite their ears.

So cute.

When I brought her home and showed it to my family,

"Wah, siape punye? the eyes are so big! "

When bii brought her back to his house,

"So ugly! Why the eyes so big? Lei ga? "

Haha, funny.

She snores like a big guy, sometimes.

Dogs Are Men's BFF - Roslyn

Reached there at 6.00PM. The queue was so long till I wasn't sure where is the entrance.

Heard that some of them reached about 3PM. I was taking bath that time. Salute for those who willing to line up that early. Thumbs up!

You Gotta The Spirit!

Waiting for AAR to perform.

Went in using the normal tickets. Met a friend and got a VIP Pass from him.

Seriously, thanks to this special pass, it was actually the Media Pass for Astro.

Can't you notice the power of "mountain people mountain sea" downstage?

Downstage packed like hell.

Crowded People = Canned Sardin

I can't tell you the amount of people. Perhaps 10,000 ++?

Not able to get another 2 VIP passes for Joevin and bii.

Advantages in working for event-line...

Meet new/old friends, new people, new artists.

Free passes, especially front seats.

PS : That umbrella isn't mine.
All American Rejects.
To be frank, they are better from what I thought about them.
I went for Good Charlotte's and MCR's. AAR is the best band I ever seen for live show.
Pop Shuvit is good as well.
I love their "Old School Rocker" and "Impak Maksima". ;P
Say hi to them ;P


Been away from here quite a long time.

I was busy doing some proposal for events.

A friend are asking for the updates,

funny was, himself has not update his blog longer than me!

Actually am waiting for the Imac dropped price.

Still expensive after the discount,

will ask if bii or my dad can sponsor me.

By the way, need to get ready for bii's mom's birthday.

See ya' soon!

Off for Getting Ready - Roslyn