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When two teenagers decided to have a serious relationship, many things come into consideration. First of all, the basic understanding and respect for each other. We both are the first lover for each other, a relationship with opposite gender is so exciting and fresh to our life. A newly-starting relationship tend to go smooth until we face more challenges, obstacles. When the relationship is no longer like a fairy tale, people quit trying and tired of compromising.

To build a strong, long lasting and solid relationship seems impossible for our younger generation. It is a relationship that most of the people would dream of, but nowadays, relationship is a responsibility equally to commitment in life. This is the time where people will go woo wao, they are afraid of it.

My relationship with him started with a yes from me. If I say no, (continue from previous post) I may be a medical student with a dull life, or a recent-graduated engineer student waiting for job interview, or come to the worse, a plane fanatic that never been flying before; I could just be anyone else in this world, but myself as today.

Many tells that our relationship is destined, a fated lovable fairy tale. The fact is that my relationship doesn't go perfectly as what you thought. Arguments does occur, conflicts stroked, false assumptions made and to encounter these distraction, both parties need to take the initiative to overcome it.

We were once apart from each other, we had different circle of life. I was so busy with my training, assignments, projects and he was extremely busy with his music studio, we couldn't find the extra 10 minutes to talk to each other through phones. It was such a heartache but we both have different aims of life and we need to focus on it. We drifted away and considered to flip to the next page, and look for a new chapter of life. Maybe we are really meant for each other, after a period of time, we decided to be a big part in each other life, thus we committed ourselves in this relationship. Apart from that, I understand him even more. He can be a lovable boy, but his heart is closed for outsiders; he can be a nice and friendly person, but he is not just that. I was framed by this fabrication, I was frustrated when girls called him middle of the night; when he get free movie tickets from them; when his admirers bought him some intimate gifts with a love notes attached; I was on flame, to be honest. On the other hand, when I re-think about it, I realized that, he spent the movie tickets with me; he did not picked up their calls and it's not avoidable because as a drum instructor, his number is publicly known; he gave the perfumes, t-shirts to others, and love notes became trash.

Throughout this 8 years relationship, we had uncountable serious and sincere talks, we made promises, we constantly identify the initial attraction of the relationship; This may sounds great but it wouldn't automatically be an easy way out to maintain a relationship. When we have conflicts, we would put down the anger awhile, sit down together and talk with heart-opened. Sharing is the key point, tell him/her about your feelings, things could be solved out in the shortest time, instead of you hide it inside, little by little, your heart is flamed and woots! Another big argument.

We are so much different in interests. I can tell you it's totally opposite, not even have one line crossed or related. To be frank, spending quality time together is crucial for a relationship. It's hard for me to bring an amateur for a jungle-trekking or he can't expect a music nut like me to compose a song with him. But, we've compromised in this matter. We would plan of something that we both might interested with. This time can be watching movies, walk the dogs, or hunting for new restaurants. We both have hectic schedules, between all the family gatherings, work meetings, social life, rest time, sleeping time, facial mask time, ice cream time, facebook and blogging time, and everything. You may find it hard to squeeze him in, but just as you would scheduled for other necessary yet unimportant activities, but why not quality time with you loved one?

As a newly-baked fresh couple when we were 16, we desperately wanting to meet each other every single minute. We were shy and young, we did not hold hands until the third week, which falls on a Thursday. Our palms were sweating. That was the first time I find him as a thoughtful guy when he calmly pull out a handkerchief from his schooling pants and placed it between our palms.

How excitedly I wanted to tell you that, this relationship is blessed, and sometimes I find him very cute and adorable. We both have a special box to keep all the notes, tickets and letters. He keeps mine while I keep his. The first love letter between us is written by him. He handed it to my best friends before it came to my hands. We did not confess the magical three words until months. He typed it out in the computer and asked me to move the mouse. Dang dang! He set the magical three words as his screen saver. Embarrassment was overwhelmed, my heart was pounding so fast, I couldn't speak. How much I wanted to tell him I feel the same way too, but I just couldn't, so I decided to give him a very big hug as my response to his lovable confession.

Until today, I still feel the same way towards him. Sometimes it's terrifying because it makes us weak from inside. We care about each other so much and every single move, every single words could change the world. We used to be jealousy, we used to be afraid, we used to be angry person, after all the obstacles, and all the efforts we put in, all these have enhanced and strengthen the relationship.

And talk about a solid relationship, so much I can tell, but not in this entry. All I want to say now is :

He is a man that I can rely on; a man that I can always count on; a man that wipe away my tears; a man that never stop laughing when I make some stupid jokes; a man that cuddling with me in couch; He is a man that worth dying for. He is my man.

Happy 7th Year and 11th Month Anniversary, Hun.

Question : What It Takes To Have A Lasting Relationship?

I've Google-d about it, and let's see... Most of the results shown have similar opinions, but let me cut it short. Basically, there are 5 main points. Before I elaborate more on it, I shall share some of my experiences.*Woots, seriously, she is willing to reveal her love life?* I know I used to keep it low and some said sort of keeping it as a secret. This is just one of the ways to protect my loved ones and also to keep stalkers and haters out from it.

Many of you maybe still trying to catch what I'm talking about here at this point, frankly, if you have no time to read it, better stop now by pressing the big X and the up-right corner. This is gonna be a long post, alright?

I have so much things to tell, certainly more for you to laugh about. I don't know how should I put these in appropriate sentences. We met each other under the roof of a Catholic church. He is a Paulian while I am a Puterian wtf. We studied in different schools, we knew each others' friends for years but we never have the chance to bump into each other.

We seems like a stranger to each other. Practically, our tracks shouldn't be joint together as we are different in so many ways and we did not share the same interests at all. He is a musician since young, I was an artist when I was a kid. He played musical instruments, I played with crayons and pencils. When we grew up, he wants to be a musician and I'm dying to be a scientist. When 2 person have different point of views, different interests, when they interact with each other, undeniably conflicts will occurred and this is impossible avoidable. At this point, I'm sure many of you would agree with me that we are impossibly a pair of loving doves.

The first time I heard about him was when many approached me to share some of their dirty little secrets. They had crush towards this particular guy and been telling me how cute he is, how nice he is. I still got no ideas who he is, a photo will do actually, but none of them manage to show me any of that. So obviously, I feel nothing about him, I don't know him personally. Funny thing was, maybe girls are blessed with strong sixth-sense, some of them warned me not to involve with him in any ways. But why is that all the dirty little secrets? It doesn't make sense, agree?

Our first interaction was during a graduation concert organized by our friends, to be more specific, the class of Confession. I was conned invited by my best friends to join their dancing group. It sounds so vain I know. At first, I thought it would be a dance of boy band's songs, such as Backstreet Boys. I nodded and promised to commit myself into their practices. I still remember I almost run away from the house when they played Jennifer Lopez's! Not saying that I hate female singers, I just feel uneasy to dance using the particular song. I felt like a dancing handicapped robot during my performance. I knew I look horrible and funny thou. When I was chilling down stage, observing people on the dance floor, he sat next to me and started a conversation. He told me I look good on stage and he likes the dance. Out of my expectation to be frank. Like I said in the earlier part, we do not know each other, neither talk to each other before.

The next day, they have a small party and he invited me. We still not manage to talk because we sat at the different corner of the table. After that, thought that is all, we would back to normal without further contacts. Unexpectedly, I received a call from him after school the next day after the party. I used up all my brain juice just to recall what we've been chatting, but it happened naturally and easy, none of us find it hard to talk to each other. We chatted for almost 3 hours before I get ready for Taekwondo lesson.

Then for the rest of the days within the week, he called me. We chatted happily and naturally. It was a very strange feeling, seriously. I received calls from friends but I would never holding the phone for more than 15 minutes. I don't used to chat through the phone, as what my mother said, if someone is on the phone for a long time, it would be very troublesome because others might want to get to my family. But when he called me, I don't feel annoyed, on top of that, I am expecting for his calls every time I'm back from school.

After a week, we decided to have a serious relationship with each other. We both are first love to each other, as many would tell you, this is just a puppy love. I can't tell you if it's what you're saying, but we took is serious, as much as we can bear, we can tolerate with each other, then it's enough. The epic part in this chapter is how I answered him when he asked if I can be his girlfriend.

What if I tell you, NO?
What if I tell you, YES?

 The day is 28th June 2002.

 I wonder what will happen if I said no.

(To be continued....) 

Chào mừng đến với Việt Nam

Guess who?

Was in Leisure Mall last Sunday waiting for jamming session near there. There are plenty of restaurants in the mall, usually I'll go for places that I used to be, but this time I decided to try out Vietnam Kitchen. Heard from a friend whom came back from Vietnam lately, Thailand isn't the only country famous of TomYam. Unlike Thai's TomYam, Vietnamese TomYam is slightly sourer and spicy.

Appetizer served @2.00rm.

The best coffee ever!

Seriously, I never taste such delicious and enriching coffee. Can beat Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Dome, Gloria Jeans my home-made coffee.

Vietnamese TomYam

Craving for homemade TomYam? click here.

Black-peppered fish.

I'm not fancy about spicy foods. Actually had second thought of ordering this, but I think I should give it a try. OMFG, it proved that I've made the right decision! Nom-nom!

A picture paints a thousand words.

Crab @9.90rm each. This is mom's recipe flavor.

Promotions @298rm ++ and 198rm ++

As usual, I will definitely bring my parents here for dinner soon. Seriously, to be frank, not recommend to bring your parents here for this promotions. I think you can get better foods with that amount of money somewhere else. For instance, Chinese restaurants, perhaps?

Eh, not saying that Vietnam Kitchen is bad, I love their menu!

And also the ambiance of the restaurant, you know.. good customer service and soft music. A good place for chill-out for everyone, especially couples. *grin*

It's me! Eh don't faint la!

Bạn đang rất thông minh, biết cách sử dụng dịch. Genius! Tình yêu bạn của tôi đọc!


 Urgh. A bad hair day again. If you want to read my blog, spare my bad hair.

 To grill or boil in the soup.

TomYam soup, chicken soup or abalone soup? I chose Abalone.

Marinated meat in different flavors. 

Hungry? *grin* My favorite, marinated meat in Charsiew and Teriyaki.

 Approximately 35.90rm for each person @ Seoul Garden.