Glimpse of sunshine, I love.

Fill up the immigration card - entering Thailand.

Thanks to Air Asia ramp team of your dedicated work, I now need to buy a new luggage.

It was supposed to be just another 5D/4N with two of my friends but I feel in love with Bangkok! Did not manage to take enough photos to show you how awesomely wonderful Bangkok is. On a side note, three quarters of Thailand is now heavily flooded and the authorities have warned the citizens to prepare an onslaught of water as the whopper will hit Bangkok in another week.

First time vacationing with us.

The first thing we did when we arrived the airport was to grab a quick meal from Subway. Many had suggested that we take a direct transit shuttle or taxi from the airport to hotel, less hassle and it saves time that way. I beg to differ! We took the airline express instead and it took about only 30 minutes to the city. (Airport - Phaya Thai - Siam). Unlike most cases where we usually use train tickets, they use red colored chips instead.

Everything seems funny when you arrive at a new place.

In the train heading to the city.

After setting down and stowing our luggage, we headed to the shopping mall closest to the hotel which is coincidentally the famous Siam Paragon. Siam Discovery is just next door.

Siam Paragon - The Pride of Bangkok


Few bites of subway wasn't enough. Followed our basic instinct, we walked into a random desserts cafe named Sweet Cake. Speaking of convenience, the cafe's name, that's it.Easy to remember, huh?

For people with a sweet tooth.


This is an awkward body posture. My intention is to show you my favorite hairband. A Mickey signature ears hairband from Hong Kong Disneyland.

The bear I grabbed from corner of the sofa.

What? I'm cute. No, you're cuter, obviously.

Say no cheese!

My all time favorite drink, Iced Blended Mocha.

Half bitten piece of cake.

This is the one huge decoration that I spotted in the mall.

We really had no idea where to hunt for food so we decided to have our first dinner in Bangkok in the mall.

Dinner Buffet 295baht per person. Period : one hour and twenty minutes.

Waiting for our turn. The numbers are called in Thai language we were clueless until the staff came out and called us.

The conveyor belt full of raw meats and vegetables.

Normal and spicy soup.

The friends of mine.

Take-all-you-want sushi.

One last picture of mine before the KO.

Super mini Double A.


Unlike the 7-11 we have in Malaysia, Bangkok has all sorts of cute things worthy to be collected! In Hong Kong, I saw that they were selling a series of puffy soft toys that made most of the teenagers there crazy for them; My current Disney addiction is Stitch and I couldn't resist from buying this cute tumblr, only 590baht for the tumblr + any choice of a full-size Slurpee!

Second day : Heading to Siam Paragon for breakfast. They were having vegetarian food fair until 05 Oct 2011, located in the food court.

Take the train.


Prohibited from dying the hair.

Everyone say cheese!

Finding nemo! Another cute thing I spotted.

Madame Tussauds, Bangkok.

No, we did not entered Madame Tussauds. The staff generously offer us to take picture with Jacky Chan even though we told them we weren't interested in visiting. Thai are mostly friendly people, I like!

Lollipop-alike sausages.

So these are all the vegetarian food we bought simply just to taste it.

And he said IT'S NOT SPICY AT ALL eventhough I've added super extra chilli.

I believe that you've been told that Thailand is a shopping heaven, not forgetting to mention its super affordable goods that boast of good quality such as household decorations and handmade souvenirs. Have I told you how hard it is to find unique and suitable clothes in Malaysia for my overweight daughters? They need at least size 5 but most of the pet shops sell only sizes 1 to 4. So one of my mission in this trip was to buy bargain clothes and accessories for all my daughters!

Chatuchak Market - The World's Largest Weekend Market that I've anticipated much!


How I wish to snap more photos but my hands are occupied with shopping bags!


Octopus stall?

Only 20 baht for each!

And eww! I saw this bugs stall. According to a piece of research I found from the internet, the possibility of getting allergy after eating bugs are at least 4 times greater! I would give it a pass.




Bought for fun, only 39baht for each.

My zebra luggage was brought just to keep all my shopping stuff, seriously.

Before I end this post, I would like to share one of my experiences in Bangkok. Before I flew to Bangkok, I found out many have complained that there are conmen looking for a quick buck all year round in Thailand; especially in tourist places. Beware of tuk-tuk drivers when they suggest to bring you somewhere for a super cheap fare BUT you need to follow them to check out some genuine gems that are on sale. Once you get into the shop, you will be indirectly forced to purchase gems from them. That's only one of the infamous stories about Bangkok. My story was merely a big issue. So most of the shops in Chatuchak closed at 6pm so we walked to the train station and I saw a stall selling 'jeruk'. There was a piece of paper glued to a stand stating 10 baht each. Since the kid was only selling one kind of 'jeruk', I assumed the price was 10 baht so I grabbed a pack and handed him 100 baht. He then returned me 80 baht. I asked for another 10 baht, he then grabbed out THE ONLY PACK of plums among the 'mango jeruk' and told me that this pack of plum costs 10 baht while the pack I took costs 20 baht.

I didn't argued with him since it was just 10 baht but I was annoyed with this con jobs going on. Furthermore he was making me feel like a fool. I told the boyfriend and he furiously walked to the stall and gave the kid back the pack and 80 baht, and request for a full refund. The kid was nervous and asked his father to settle. The father was rather another douchbag he and dared not to confront us but refunded us the 10 baht instead.

We laughed about it all the time. Most of the stalls don't list out the prices so what I did was wait till a Thai pay for his/her food and drinks following which I would pay the same amount. So, this is only the first post, of my vacation to Bangkok, till then.

One last picture which is also my favorite one.

Fly me to the moon!

(Check out the hotel we stayed during our vacation in Bangkok.)

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