Lunch before collecting my Disney Castle lego from a friend!

October always been one of my favourite months besides April and December. Halloween falls on every 31st Oct, truthfully speaking I never dress up for Halloween, found expensive outfit when I was in The States, the quality is nay-tay. Furthermore I am not keen with becoming-who because if I was you I'd wanna be me too. (Meghan Trainor mode) haha just joking, pals.

I am unemployed since a month ago, been fully involved in a project that the boyfriend and I spontaneously agreed to do it right now. I'm not saying it's a dream comes true, it's just a thing that I have been suggesting the boyfriend to do it, do it, do it la! Like years ago. Can't reveal anything just yet because the complete interior plan has just 'freshly baked from the oven based in Hong Kong'. I'm truly excited about it because this talented designer read my mind and she knows what are the essentials and key details to make my ideas and visuals become a reality.

I may not be your typical person who express appreciation or gratitude in a written form, but all are crafted in my heart and mind. Honestly speaking, sometimes I felt that some acts of showing appreciation are overdone in real life. Probably I'm an introvert-extrovert person, I don't excessively express my feelings, "action speaks louder than word", no? On the other side, my extrovert personality makes me like a person full of anger because sometimes I tend to lash out at people publicly.

Comfort food.
Was having stomach flu but nothing gonna stop me from fixing my craving for Korean food.


Conflicts happen in every relationship between human; family, circle of friends, couples, colleagues and such. Certain people are going to retaliate so you just gotta play your game carefully. Some may not because either they want to live in peace, or they just sweep under the rug, easy. But when the problem is too big to sweep under the rug anymore? Retaliation is my friendly treatment.

I generally nice to everyone. But if I ever felt that there are disingenuous hypocrites, sorry then, not worth my effort to be nice. When we get older, we tend to keep our time to those who we adore and love in life. For ages I quit bothered by immature "either me or him/her" game, seeing our mutual friends been manipulated to pick a side and feel unhappy about it. Because it's just simply don't worth my time at all; As we all been in this world for some time, I believe everyone of us deserve a spot. I am confident to say that I've earned my previous relationships with a handful or people, I need no bootlickings and giving benefits to keep my people around me.

Received a call from a person who I consider her as a "no-longer-friend", also particularly known as the "hypocritical liar" among our friends. I was reluctant to answer but I picked up anyways, genuinely to concern what she's up to recently.


Did I regret? Despite it did distract me from my schedule but whatever she said, is priceless. It was an abuse to your ears, you got to hear it to believe me.

As usual, she gossips. She was badmouthing of a person who I prefer to make anonymously (fuck that, his name is adonis-the-anonymous). Both of them were apparently sisters separated at birth (as claim by her previously), she adored him a lot and think him as the bff-forever, until she was introduced to a pair of sisters.

Dramas all the way but I'm going to cut it short. It's presumably that she stealthily appraise him and eventually decided that he's not as worthy as she thought, time to end him. Referring to her story, he had been telling others that both the sisters are gold diggers, one of the sisters has a sugar daddy from Australia, she gets monthly allowance from the man. She is jobless and use the money to get all the branded bags and run a Teppanyaki business in Nilai.

The truth is, all these stories are initially coming out from her mouth! It was the first time I heard about these sisters from her, not from the adonis-the-anonymous. Frankly speaking, I do not know these sisters personally and never heard about them until this liar told me. It's none of my business how did the sister earn a living because we are mingle with different circle of friends and in fact, different backgrounds. There's no common interest, nothing is relevant between us.

Spicy Beef Soup.

Don't give a flying fuck what happened between this friendship bond that thinner than air, apparently she called me just to ensure that I will keep my mouth shut. She is desperately to turn the story upside down. She continuously convinced me that this adonis-the-anonymous is the wrongdoer and deserve no respect from anyone. She told me a story of how this adonis-the-anonymous stole an ipod from the sister when he visited their house to offer a personal facial treatment service. His employment was then terminated by the facial product company due to his dishonesty in the business. For your info, this is his part time job, he teaches violin locally anyways. After he is terminated, despite the sisters have been supportive in his part time career, bought an expensive facial package, additionally a facial machine from him, he refused to continue with the treatment service unless the sisters pay him extra per visit.

You ask me if I believe every single story she told me? Truly speaking, "A single lies discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed". She's a compulsive liar and repeatedly badmouthing about her dear friends whom she used #friendshipgoals in instagram. This kind of friendship goal is downright sickening la to be truth. Did this adonis-the-anonymous steal? Nobody knows and I don't believe it, and you guys shouldn't believe it either. He's innocence until proven guilty.

It's scary that this liar chose this way to adore her close friends. From time to time, she shared stories about her close friends, in a distasteful manner. For example, she had a pair of close friends known from a workplace, both are her secondary seniors. She talked bad about them all the time. One of the friends her name starts with a P. She told many of us that how P is desperate for an iPhone but couldn't afford it. She used her uncle's RHB credit card and pay installment for it. This hypocrite then commented that iPhone is inexpensive, for her, the amount of money can be easily drop from her pocket and she feels nothing at all. Wah so rich until that extend meh this liar? I took 50 from my boyfriend's wallet to pay for a 49.99 item, he asked me back for the 1 cent yo!

A dear friend of her whose name starts with an A, a prettier one indeed, this hypocrite shared story about her family problems too. Referring to her, A is being insecure all the time and lied about the bungalow house she's living, this hypocrite had purposely dragged a bunch of school friends to her real house (a tiny one indeed) to give her a surprise birthday celebration, yes, in the tiny living hall. Referring to her story, A's face was in disbelief and unhappy for it because of her own lies, and this hypocrite was delightfully cheered by A's black face.

Oh boy, it's not surprise that nobody/nothing is an exception to her badmouthing, including my boyfriend. This liar told me that this adonis-the-anonymous has been telling others about how my boyfriend gains his success from the parent, how we downgraded from a manual-transmission to auto-transmission, how I kept changing cars from a Polo to One-series and another MINI, they said it's because I couldn't afford a decent one. Frankly speaking, this is undoubtedly a pillow talk from jealousy between them. Another fact is, this adonis-the-anonymous knows nothing about our cars, especially I've changed two MINIs in months, unless he stalked my social account from time-to-time before I know him personally, otherwise? By the way, before I reveal more, this hypocrite is married to a liar anyways. This hypocrite-cum-liar couples eagerly wanted a MINI too so they followed me to the showroom when I was invited to view a new model, they shamelessly confronted my sales assistant and secretly asked her if all my cars are from this showroom. My sales assistant responded with a brief nod.

Both of them are having hard time believing it, what a discouragement to their incompetent ability and high egos. Mind you, they don't even own a decent car themselves. They proceeded to ask the specs and prices of a brand new MINI and their face are in disbelief when they found out a MINI Cooper S is priced over 200. The husband asked the price of MINI One when I suggested him the cheapest model. I briefly remembered it cost less than 110, the husband immediately asked if he could pay in cheque or cash because he doesn't own a salary slip. 110 in cash, really? I asked the wife if they are considering to purchase it in cash, the wife nodded in confidence, told me that he runs few business and he is richer than we assumed. I provoked him by placing the deposit and a photocopy of IC, choose his prefered color, but he refused. Saying he might choose the S instead because there's not much different between a 110 and 238. I was double killed by his egos. I wonder would their action changed drastically if it's not MINI but a Proton? I'm giving them the benefit of doubts, they might be feeling a lot more comfortable if I'm at their level. 

In few occasions, the husband repeatedly told us that he owned a Type R years ago and forced to sell it to help his cousin to settle a debt. Wow what a devoted cousin his cousin has. One fine day, this couple were carpooling with us in a friend's car, the friend asked him what is the exact year he owned a Type R. He briefly told us a year without a second thought, guess what? The friend exclaimed in shock and blurted out, "are you saying you owned a Type R when you're 16? We are same age though". Burst, burst, burst. The husband muted, and tried to answer the question but nobody cares anymore. He is obviously lying about owning one. Why even care to lie about it, self-esteem so low until like that meh? He even told us that he is the only son of a millionaire and his uncle drives the famous Ferrari in Seremban. The truth is, the dad drives a Proton, and the ferrari driver isn't his uncle.

I can't read Bibimbap in Korean that's why didn't try it in Seoul.

Both of them are a great match made in heaven, trust me. What a compulsive liar they are until blindly cover each other's traces by risking personal reputation, if they have one. Stories below.

Way before the Type R incident, when we first met the husband (when they weren't married), I saw the husband came out from an illegal gambling shop. The wife said the husband is the boss of the gambling shop.

I do have friends that run this kind of business, just by a call I know the business is not belongs to the husband. They have no idea that we knew the truth, they proceed to invite for a business startup after I've shown some interest in the nature of business. He asked if boyfriend and I to come out a hundred thousands, combined theirs the capital is two-thousands ringgit. I then proceed to ask about the police issues and all, he said he has many lambs to sacrifice and we shall not worry about it, just hand him the money and everything will be settled. Do I look like an idiot? Please don't mind me to ask all of you, do I look like one? Do I?

Already a jobless man, an egoistic liar, now a gambler? The wife herself feel ashamed even though it doesn't bother us if he's having a proper job or not. Seriously, it's none of my business, lies are not needed to cover his laziness. He's the son of a millionaire maa.

This couple is an international joke, pals. Not long after we turned down his offer, he told us that he is currently running a rice import business. He remotely conduct the whole business by skype-ing with the army general of a country because his rice supply is from the country's army. WHAT THE F. You think the story ends here? Bet not. Our friends asked him how he communicate with the general? I might give a 2% trust if he said English is the medium of communication, but no. He mind fucked us, saying the corner of the screen there's a handsign guy translating the language and a narrator. WHAT? Both of them deaf or what why need the hand language. He also revealed that he's running a coffee business, and his coffee is differently from other brands, instead of a fully grinded coffee beans, his coffee is partially grinded. WHAT THE F x 3.

There are more jokes I can share but I assume it's not necessary because just by the few that mentioned above, the level of bullshit is higher than the sky limit. It took me a very long time to play nice although this couple is easily ignored, but she gossiping around as if she has insider news of my life is really too much. Laughing about me flying to Asia only (Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul), apparently she forgot the fact that she never been to any Disneyland in the world (she claims herself a die hard fan), never been to Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne, Bangkok and Florida, in fact, she never been to any of these places. She could be a comedian if she reveal more about herself, everyone will laugh for hours, seriously.

Eggstravaganza 2016
Want to laugh about my Disney experience? Nah, this is for you to view since you never been to any Disneyland.

Can't brain it why she would rather to be such a sour grape than learn how to be kind and be less butthurt of other's achievement. Mind you, she is one of those desperados showing off in social media in a low-standard ways, something like, photos of a iPhone box, a handful of notes, shopping bags from Nature Republics, cleavage and such. In short, she has a mentality of a school kid who thinks owning one and only Couch and a iPhone means she has triumph over the rest in the world. I think my 'achievements' get on her nerves, not only bashing about my travel experiences, she gossiped that she knew where I bought all my 'counterfeit Givenchy, Tods, MCM and Burberry', wow. Yes she finally revealed it, the Melium Group membership I have is fake too.

And yeah, before this blog post, I'm giving her chance and she shall know I'm being kind to her despite I know things about her never ending lies. Telling lies has been a norm and she couldn't live a day without being jealous and butthurt. But talking about the people I care? Too much. Trying to convince me to be liar like her? Trying to play victims? It's not gonna work, darling.

Disclaimer: My kindness towards her is not to reveal her true name here. Don't bother to inbox asking for the couple's names, only the relevant know who are the compulsive liars and hypocrite mentioned in this post, this also serves as a notice that I know her patterns and don't take my kindness for granted. Sometimes I roar out of sheer boredom. Period.

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