... just 3mm away from Shibuya Station if judging from the city map. Many had decided to go Harajuku on foot from Shibuya. Don't know exactly how many of them, three of my friends did it and it was a major mistake! Especially when it was during summer. Moral of the lesson: Utilize the public transport, and learn how to read the map-scale.

Anyway, this is the first cute shop I saw across the street from Harajuku Station! Why Japanese must make everything irresistibly cute?! If you are unhappy and depressed, go to Tokyo, it will heal you.



Anyone can tell me the name of this cartoon character? I never seen this cartoon or maybe it is just not my era. To be honest, I don't find any interesting from this shop. They have a desserts cafe upstairs. I think it was quite overpriced for a small portion of shaved ice, didn't bong-chan the cafe.

The famous Takeshita Street!

I had a major culture shock when I was in Tokyo. One of it was when I saw AKB48 official shop in Harajuku. AKB48 is 'everywhere' in Japan! People who can easily call out the name of members must be a genius! I can't even recognize my acquaintance-level-colleagues if I saw them walking on the street.

I'm famous and I know it.

We went to Harajuku twice. Didn't manage to post more photos here as I was fully occupied with interesting items displayed, super troublesome to bring in and out the camera from my backpack. 

It was in the afternoon when I reached Harajuku. Had a scrumptious breakfast and lunch, felt hungry when I saw this giant-size Tako-Tako.

These samples look so real!

The man behind the production, lol.

Waited for 5 minutes and here you go, I proudly present the real giant-size Tako-Tako! One ball for a pack so imagine how big was this Tako-Tako.

A picture of the Tako-tako before I finish it.

Another one!

One thing I love about Tokyo is their pet shops! Their pet shops smell heavenly good compared to ours. The minute a dog poo-poo, the staff will clean it immediately. Surprisingly, the dogs are expensive! In Malaysia, with RM3500 we can get a English Bulldog but in Tokyo, we only can get Golden with the price.

In Harajuku, I saw two pet-accessory shops.

The first pet shop we went.

This shop sells used clothes for small breed. See the "No-photo" sign behind? This dachshund is irresistible and I asked for permission to take a photo with him. Had a chit-chat with the shop owner and told her that I can't find anything for my large breeds at home, or else I will buy one as a token of appreciation for her kindness to let me take a photo with her dachshund. 

What a dog poser, lol!

Have a dog at home and want to buy special outfit for them, I highly recommend Pet Paradise! Walk all the way down from the Harajuku Station, this shop located at your left hand side.

Ohaiyo Gozaimatsu!

The boyfriend was choosing head gears for my furkids.  This shop sells authentic Disney-pet merchandises, I can't decide what to get between Disney-female character outfits and Disney-male character outfits! Eventually, I got Disney outfits for each of my pugs! A Stitch outfit for Joker and Toy Story's Woodie outfit for Penguin. Cuteness overdosed!


Honestly speaking, traveling to Tokyo is costly! You may avoid not to spend excessively by limiting your shopping desire. Are you kidding? Tokyo is a shopping heaven! Everything is expensive but I'm sure that we could not find it from Kuala Lumpur. The authentic "Slam Dunk" jersey I bought for my brother, Hello Kitty bag I bought for myself and more. Tell me how could you resist from these? It's my childhood memory! The Slam Dunk, Conan The Detective, Sailormoon and etc. Despite I went "What the fuck this is freaking expensive I'm not going to buy it can go and fuck yourself, skirt!" every time I check the price tag, I can't resist to actually spend on  Disney outfits and 2 head gears for my furkids. #truestory

Apart from all the special shops in Harajuku, one of the attractions is Harajuku-style! 



Tell me how to walk steadily in such 'high-flats'.

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