My brother has dinner literally almost every day here after his work. He has been inviting me for dinner but I always had things to do and never able to show up. The opportunity has finally arrived during this long holiday, he decided to jio the whole family for dinner!

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid

First I teased him  jialat la you if we all ordered premium sets, he'll be broke. You'll be surprised, he said. I hope this dinner is worth the time and journey to travel from Seremban to Sunway area during the peak hour on Sunday.

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
The duo.

Whole family means to bring our nephews too. It's not easy to bring small kids out for dinner, they are demanding and tend to do all sorts of things to seek for your attention, I hardly can have a lengthy talk with my parents and boyfriend, my elder nephew kept calling him, and seeking for boyfriend's approval and praise on how he uses the chopsticks and stuff.

While the younger ones keep pulling his sleeves for more food. Pulling his arm for attention. The kids basically doesn't need my elder sister at all, at times like this, my sister get to rest and enjoy whatever she enjoys when my boyfriend is around. Our parents help her to take care of the rascals too.

On a side note, this yukata is not complementary (haha). My mom got it during her trip with my younger sister to Japan during last few months. There were parents asked if this yukata was given to us by restaurant judging from the inner wear my nephew wear from home.

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
The menu

Anyways. The brother reserved a table for 8, with two kids included. Luckily he managed to make reservation in advance through his office, we skipped the long queue out there, imagine the trouble waiting in line with two rascals, my elder nephew will play tug-a-war nagging my boyfriend to bring him elsewhere but waiting in line. My younger nephew will jump out of joy I don't know why but he gets excited when he sees colours, feels the wind breeze, or just anything.

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
Refillable side dishes and fresh vegetables.

The waitress served us 3 units of these side dishes. I had mine refilled 4 times throughout the dinner, the marinated vegetables are appetizing and it made me want more! Actually it's my first time to be served fresh vegetable, unlike salad.

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
The sweet sauce.

So what we gotta do with the sesame and sauce is, first, to make the sauce for meat dipping, second, for the salad. The instruction is clearly stated on the paper in English and Mandarin, follow the instruction, and tadaa! There you go, your selfmade sauce!

Sho Kushiage
Refreshing and quench your thirst kind of drink.

We didn't order sake or any alcoholic drinks. The brother ordered two bottles of this mango-ish orange-ish drinks. It's moderately sour and sweet, suitable for kids too. For instance, my preference for orange juice is adding a great amount of sugar because sour drink ain't my thing yo.

Not long after, our food are served.

Sho Kushiage
Cheese Premium Pork Chop Set, RM32.90

The close up of Cheese Premium Pork Chop Set

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
Daikon Pork Chop Cutlet with Ponzu Sauce Set, RM26.90

The quality of pork chops is amazingly great, and its taste and tenderness got approved by all of us. My brother mentioned that Sho Kushiage uses only the selected Premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork, which the meat is softer, tender and juicy.

First I was skeptical about the aroma and tenderness of a fully fried frozen pork chop, it always greasy and overly cooked. None of this from Sho Kushiage's pork chop. As my brother mentioned, their standard kitchen procedure includes using only 100% vegetable oil to make it tastier and non-greasy, fresh bread crumbs for battering, oil test paper to test the quality of oil, and more.


Their selection of pork is from 3rd generation of pig, named as "Three Yuan Pig". These pigs are the best gene with high disease resistance and the feed conversion rate is better.

At the first bite, the aroma from the juicy meat is appetizing, and most importantly, moderately cooked at the appropriate temperature without burning your tongue. Usually we don't feed the toddlers with adult food, but providing the pork chop is non-greasy and easy to chew, our toddlers get to have some too!

Sho Kushiage
Korean Mix Japanese Style Fried Chicken Set, RM19.90

My mom never a fan of pork chop thus she ordered Fried Chicken Set instead. It consider a huge set for her, she couldn't finish the wedges and rice.

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
Pork Cutlet Cook with Sweet Sauce and Egg Set, RM19.90

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
Japanese Premium Rice

Side dishes, premium rice, vegetables and soup are all refillable. I was surprised that rice is refillable too, as it's not our local rice, it's premium rice from Japan, considering the cost is not as cheap though, it's hard to believe. Like what? RM32.90 for a premium set with refillable rice, soup, side dishes and vegetables? Mine is merely a RM19.90 set and I refilled twice.

Coconut and Milk Pudding

Sho Kushiage
Nephew asking for more.

The total bill for 8 person (us with two toddlers) is merely RM210.00 including GST, also including 4 of their signature pork burger which is ONLY RM1.90 EACH! Only 100 burger per day but my brother is able to get them reserved 4 for us for the night. Be quick if you want to catch the awesome deal!

The queue is finally cleared around 9.30pm.

Shop Address: 
LG2. 28 & 29, Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway.

Contact Numbers:
Tel: 603 - 5613 6160

For more information on their latest deals, visit their Facebook page.

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid
Hello all, I'm the younger rascal.

The dinner is so satisfying and enjoyable. I will definitely come for another visit soon to try out other meal sets, till then!

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