So, Tokyo Disneyland. I have no idea what was Electrical Parade and chose not to google it, I just let it surprises me :) The parade route was occupied about an hour ago, I couldn't find a good spot for myself! Luckily it's in Japan. When I tried to squeeze myself between 2 baby strollers, the Japanese parents made a spot for me and gave me a friendly smile.

All I ever said to them is あいとございますas I wasn't Nihongo-fluent that time. There was an awkward moment, one of the babies played with my hair and the parents didn't stop the baby from doing it, perhaps they didn't saw it. Luckily not long after that, the parade has started!

Electrical Parade

I tried to figure out the whole concept and mechanical method to run this whole parade, but whatever, the parade is awesome! The detailed LED lights and how it synchronised with the hyper music, gosh Disney is so magical!


Alice in the Wonderland! On a side note, I met Alice few times in the park and all the "Alice" look significantly the same. (Don't ever tell the kids that the Alice they meet in the park is not the Alice from "Alice in the Wonderland", keep this secret yo!)


Boo from Monster Inc!

Boo Monster Inc.

Finding Nemo!

Finding Nemo

Toys Story, and yes the mascots are real, the Potato is mechanical-programmed.

Toys Story

Toys Story

"I can show the world.."


Peter Pan and Wendy!

Peter Pan

I'm a Genie in a bottle baby!


Here comes the most favourited characters. Almost all the kids stood up immediately once Mickey and Friends coming!


I think, I am officially a Disney addict. Not long ago I had a extremely awesome Christmas celebration in USA, the Disney Cruise and Disney shopping hauls in Walt Disney World. There are 5 Disneyland in the world and I have visited 3 of 'em, the another two are Disney Park in Las Vegas and Paris Disneyland.

There are many interesting events in the park throughout the day, one of 'em is parade. Based on my experience, you need to watch the same parade at least two times, each time from different side. For example, I watched parades in Hong Kong Disneyland so many times, yet I still enjoy it because the mascots wave at me, look at me and pose for me! Many mascots are tied to a safety bar so they couldn't move around, thus you need to stand at the different sides to see them.

Um, what's next to blog? Japan, Taipei or Florida?

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