Morning everyone! How was your weekend? It had been a hectic week but compared to last few weeks burning night oil having brainstorming alone in the room, I've spent the nights with my close friend instead.

As I recall, I mentioned about sending my film to be processed. These are taken using Golden Half, which means you can capture two half-framed image in a full-framed print. This time I used an expired film, you know just to experiment the effects. I also use the Diana F+ flash because Golden Half doesn't come with a flash. Enjoy :)

Hi readers, I'm back in action, again. Last week had been a torture week to me, not forgetting to mention that I missed my close friend's housewarming last Saturday. Frankly speaking, I've planned what to wear, my gift for her and things but things went pear-shaped after I've received a call to attend an urgent meeting. My works are extremely overloaded, and most of it in due.I can't help it but to work extra hours so that my paycheck will be ready on time.

Honestly, I am in bad mood ever since don't know when and all I did is fake out a smile. I don't really think I have readers that read through my entire entries line by line patiently. Undeniably most of you prefer photo blog compared to wordy blog, no?

Had a supper with one of my secondary friends whom quite close to my current boyfriend. She is indeed a funny and caring friend. We had conversation about relationship and so she asked if I am annoyed if someone ever asked me about my planning of getting married. People here see my boyfriend and I as a perfect couple and we've been in a long relationship. Frankly speaking, I am happy being with him but bear with me, I think I want more.

I used to have a close relationship with this particular guy one year younger than me and he was totally a jerk to me, used to. I don't like him being possessive and overprotective. I want to have a circle my own and time to breathe. He would called me every day after school time and minutes before I walk out from the door for sports training, he would call again to inform me that he'll wait me outside the training centre. Have I emphasized that he is never a boyfriend but a close friend of mine, only?

I don't like tall guys because they make me feel short. Once, I was told by a male friend that my height is perfectly suit with his height. He has this distinctive smile that gave me quite an impact ever since. I started to observe and analyzed him. We thought we could be friends but things don't always go my way. He is rather another possessive man. Why he even bother to mention how perfectly we match with each other if he is not capable to respect me? At least don't hate my close friends?

Why are guys tend to be so possessive? I want a man that can learn to respect me. Where I was young, a person punched my Donald duck soft toys because he was jealous. I was what.the.hell. And you bloody moron punched my favorite soft toy, what.the.hell.double.

You always thought that this is the only person you can love in this world, then you find somebody else. When the relationship goes wrong, many would rather to hold it tight than letting it go. But what if you take a step back and look at it? Give yourself a space and time, when time goes by, somehow you'll feel grateful. We think there are only A or B, nobody can tell you which way is better, but choosing either way is going to hurt, why not just choose one that hurt you less?

People change, I changed. Frankly speaking, my current relationship is peacefully ordinary. I feel peace in heart. And now, I started to miss the moment. I took big steps and now I want to slow it down. Rewind and start all over again. I occupied myself with extraordinary activities, by what I mean is activity that I never thought I would involve with. Photography, Ice skating, blogging  and etc.

During my college time, we have this funny story speculated among the students. I was the head of student for engineering faculty and the course representative. People come to me for things; most of the time I don't give immediate response and at first they thought I was being ignorance. As the matter of fact, I was thinking, I was talking to myself in this isolated space of mine (mind) and I was focus. Then, my course mates found my little secret and they started to bear with my ignorance whenever I was the wee-wang-wang mode. It's not a random stuff to tell but I know these make me an ignorance person because if you don't response others, you are rather an ignorance jerk. So, I started to have things in my hand. Pen, paper sheet, key-chain and etc. The dumbbell-look-alike as below is one if it. 

Apparently, I'm a thinker. I think all the time, I talk to myself most of the time. I tend to see things from different perspectives and I take precautions. I take steps carefully because I know things are going to mess up real bad if I am not careful enough. Somehow the excitement is overwhelming and I don't take careful steps. My first Diana F+ film is one of the consequences. Only one out of 16 frames successfully captured. I found out that I used the wrong plastic frame for my shooting.

Now, I pick it back again and I read through the manual before I loaded the second 120mm film. I am waiting for the 35mm pack so that I won't waste my money processing either 12-frames or 16-frames films. Today is a sunny Wednesday and it always remind me of Pink Wednesday @ Baskin Robbins. I don't have sweet tooth so I don't really fancy about ice cream and desserts. And so.

Have a great Wednesday, people :)

Greeting from Seremban. Last week had been a devastating week indeed. First, Japan was hit by earthquake and tsunami. The aftermath is heartbreaking and no one knew how many had been injured, how many of the victims lost their homes and family members. The death toll is rising and body bags are everywhere. What I can do to ease their pain? We can do anything to help them, but a sarcastic and brainless comic published in Berita Harian few days back. Personally, I think whoever actually like the comic is distasteful, irresponsible, disrespectful, cold-blooded, uneducated and mindless. We (Malaysian) are on news again! International news wei!

Secondly, I am currently going for ice-skating class; last Friday was my second class. I was lucky or you can call me a  potential ice skater as I managed to stand still and did not fall down during my first class. I wasn't impressed as many of them actually started to learn triple or quadruple jumping. I have faith in myself and believe that I'll be learning that awesome skill in the soonest time but hey, I had a massive drop last Friday and all I could worried of is whether the ice broke due to my massiveawesomeembarassingkindofdrop.

Day 3.

And this is only one of the bruises. I have that on both my knees and ankles. Stomach upset and backache throughout the night, I watched movies all night as I couldn't sleep. My parent was so worried that I am going to die in sleep. Seriously, no joke.

I thought I was gonna give it up during my first class but after this significant drop, I think I have more guts to do it. I learned new skills which it is quite awesome to me because I would never able to do it without attending the classes.

The ice skating academy is open as early as 6am during school holiday and we as the student can start practice by that time till late night. If only we stay in the arcade for the whole day. I as the beginner I don't think it's necessary to be there early in the morning. As far as I concern, other students are preparing for national-level competition that held in April. My instructor is planning to push me for another competition in June but I told her I am not going to make it. Like seriously, in June? I don't think so. Furthermore, I will only getting my figure shoe by May, and it costs me RM3000.00. Half month's gone.

And so, the film in Golden Half finished finally! It was a 24-film and I took 48 snaps, I mistaken and thought it was a 36-film. It already sent to the shop to be processed and hopefully the photos are good.

At last, #prayforjapan, people!

Happy Wednesday everyone. the weather here is cozy and it comforts me, when things comfort me, I see things differently. I see beauty inside everyone and I started to be cheerful and positive minded. So when I have positive mind, good things come to me. One of the best things that been happened to me is I found interest in Lomography.

Regarding that,  I finally received my 3rd toy camera on Monday. Kind of a cheerful kick start for Monday blue :) Please bear with me my current addiction is collecting toy cameras.

Your Preffered One-stop Solution.

Superheadz Golden Half


Now it became a new addition to my content of my daily stuff in bag. Golden Half is a toy camera that able to capture two half-framed image in a full-framed print. To make it even easier to understand is : 72 images for a 36 films. This time, I use a expired 36 film to experience the fun of Lomography. But, frankly speaking my favorite is still Fisheye 2.

Snap here and there.

And my mummy is back finally! She was out for a week, which is 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes and 604800 seconds. The house is indeed quiet and undoubtedly a home is not a home without a F.A.M.I.L.Y. I won't tell my parents that I missed them but damn I missed them so much when they are not around and I feel emotional when I don't see them. Sadly to admit that sometimes I am a mommy's boy girl.

Asam Jawa from Hainan that look like maggot.

My mom bought a lot of candies. I love candies. My dogs love candies. Everyone loves candies. She bought me cute purse and accessories too. I got to pick first because my siblings weren't at home when she unwrapped all the souvenirs, teehee.

My dad called almost every hour when my mom was in Hainan. I teased him that he might be jealous of his wife traveling around while he is working overseas, away from the family. I should have tagged along if only I wasn't hooked up with events three of the days they traveled to Hainan.

Sigh. I regretted. She said Hainan is so much fun and I wanted to be there too!

Hello Monday. Hello everyone. It's been days after the recent post. I think I repeatedly mentioned in my Facebook page about the Fish Eye I received from my boyfriend as the Valentine's gift and how excited I was, waited eagerly for the film to be finished/snapped and finally, the film is sent to be processed yesterday after the oh-man-bila-nak-habis-ni-36 snapshots!

The I Love You Edition Fisheye 2. Guys you can still check this out from Ripcurl.

This is the film I used. Recommended for beginner. RM68 per pack, 3 rolls per pack.

10% off normal priced items for Ripcurl members. Including the films and accessories.

The problem with Fish Eye is you'll see a black spot at the bottom of photos due to the big lens. I'm not sure how to avoid it but it's presumably that it can be avoided if the photo is taken under sufficient lights (check out photo #2).



"B" setting.
Select the “B” setting and hold down the shutter release. As long as you keep it pressed, the shutter will stay open. Place the camera on a steady surface and hold the button for 1 to 5 seconds. Snap and that's it (check out #4).








Multiple exposure.
Shoot an image straight on and then press the multiple exposure button. Shoot another image. Both the images will overlapping, and that's it. Scroll to the next frame to take a new shoot.


Oh, yours truly and the boy.

Fisheye 2 is much more fun compared to Golden Half and Diana F+. Firstly, Diana F+ is quite complicated and my previous record using it was only 1/16 succeeded. Which mean only one photo out of sixteen. Golden Half is a toy camera that allowed you to snap double or half frame images on a full frame photo. And that's it, I guess. Fisheye 2 has lots of tricks and you actually can take different artistic photos with it.

Obviously I am a beginner and I was only able to do simple multiple exposure. This time I will use my Diana F+ flash instead and let's see how it goes. Stay tuned babes.

Morning everyone, greeting from Seremban, it's Sunday today! Hopefully that today won't be raining, I washed my clothes and I want it to be dried before the evening. *fingers cross*

The home is not a home without my beloved mummy. After more than 10 years, she decided to leave us here alone........ she travels with her friends to Hainan. The house is indeed empty and I can always expecting her either sitting on the massage chair or cooking in the kitchen when I arrived home; but what I can hear now is silent.

So alright. My sister isn't at home most of the time as she is a University student. She left her things at home and one of it is her Choco Instax Mini. It was her 21st Birthday gift from my boyfriend but since she is not using it, so I decided to order a packet of Instax Mini Princess Film!

Order today, pay today, receive the next day.

My all-time favorite model.

The twin!

Recently, I started to check out the games and applications that been downloaded since the first day I got my iPhone. Frankly speaking, most of the applications and games were downloaded by my boyfriend so I don't really know what is inside until I check it out. Found many interested applications and I filed it accordingly, the rest had been deleted. One of my favorite applications is Photo Mess, and I've used it to create a personalized home screen for myself. I meant two.

Like this. 

Nice? Nice? Nice? And the other one is similar to this but this is even better. And so, some little updates of my first Ice Skating class in Sunway Pyramid.

I conclude it as : 
ice skating is fun; ice skating class isn't fun at all!

The basic is not all about gliding, it is about gliding the correct way. I tend to put most of my body pressure to my right leg and it is oh-so-tiring-and-painful! I've learned gliding forward and backward in a S shape, balancing which you glide straight with one leg up and this is tiring. Fortunately, I haven't fall down yet, yeah, I mean I haven't fall down yet. As what I heard, all the students will fall down eventually during one of the classes. In addition, I am so gonna buy the figure shoe. Public shoe sucks max.I thought it should cost about RM200 to RM300 but I was totally wrong. A pair of figure shoe for beginner costs about RM900. Still decided to buy it since I really want to master this skill but haha my size out of stock! Haha for ten times! Now I can money for my lomography camera instead. Big big smile oh!