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Started to feel that my blog is more suitable for male readers. Frankly speaking, myself also a blog reader and I read blog by female bloggers. There are too many differences (you don't SAY) between my blog and theirs. I started my blog since I was in college then I set it to private; too many vulgarities that I don't even. Second blog was a huge mistake because my ex-friends read it and too much details on my personal feelings. This rollingfumblingthug considered as the most published blog, lol.

So anyway. Why I said my blog is most likely for male readers because I frequently blog about cars. Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo 2013 and Mini Take 5 Challenge are the most recent posts. These posts somehow reminded me of my experience in Super GT 2012. Tried to search for it and realised I have yet blog about it wtf. Like... what the fuck.

So, here you go - super long overdue post on Super GT 2012.

Rolling Fumbling Thug
Yours truly report from SIC Pit Lane

This was the first time I had access to Pit Lane. Thousand thanks to Super GT Malaysia for the media pass!

Super GT Media Pass
Now you know my Chinese name

With the pass in hand, you will have access almost to every section/area within the Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

SIC Pit Lane
View from the paddock

If I'm not mistaken, public who purchased special passes are allowed to access racing track during car showcase before the race starts. As for media pass holder, I can have unlimited access to the track during the race! The track is long and big, it's impossible to walk to the photo-shooting points from the paddock. There were marshall who gave me a ride to the designated point and waited for me until my battery gone.

Racing Track
One of the designated points for photographer to take close-up shoots.

SIC Racing Track
Another close-up shot from a designated point

I feel like melting, no joke. It was a very hot day on Sunday, 10th June. I got sunburn around my arms, back of the neck and shoulder due to the crazy 45 degree weather!


The teams.

Just a brief information on the winners before you scroll down for more photos,

GT500 Winner - Team No. 18 Weider Honda Racing
GT300 Winner - Team No. 33 HANKOOK KTR

















Personally, I like Lamborghini teams and Audi teams. Thought of having a chit-chat with some of the teams but most of them are Japanese, and they don't understand me at all. The caucasians are too arrogant busy to have a quick chat, never mind then.

My determination of driving a performance car getting stronger after watching how fast these cars can go. Who doesn't like a fast car? Let me tell you a funny phenomena - it happened everywhere!  Have you ever watched any super car-related movies? After the movie, don't get into your car first. Look at those drivers who press the pedal to the max in the parking lot after Fast 6, tell me how many of them doing that. It's just a movie for god's sake! Imagine how do I feel when I was actually standing on the ground and feel the engine roars. It's super awesome, you know?

A line of super cars drove out from the pit lane for few laps before the Grand Final.

Trial run.









They run multiple check on the engine before the final race. As you can see, the engineering team was ready to run a check again before the race.

While waiting for all the cars

Time for the final check before the race

The track are open for those with special passes. As you can see (the photos below), they had a final check on the engine, meanwhile, their kawaii girl will pose in front of the car!

Audi R8










Audi R8 is my dream car ever since Super GT 2012. Just a brief introduction on Audi R8: V8 and V10. Not sure if this is the V8 or V10, I presumed they changed the bodykit and all so I couldn't differentiate it unless they allowed me to take a peek on the engine.




香车配美人 Beauty and the Beast (Beast as in super cars)

Super GT Show Girls


Super GT Girl 2012

Kawaii GT Girl

Super GT 2012

Kawaii GT Girlz



Michelin Mascot
Don't you feel hot inside?

I know this is totally out. I wasn't intended to take a photo of him, all I want to do is to tell him that his ankle is twisted. I salute whoever was inside the latex-plastic outfit. It was so hot in the track! Anyway, as I mentioned, there was a car showcase before the race on the track.

Kawaii GT Girl

Kawaii GT Girl

Kawaii GT Girl

Kawaii GT Girl

Kawaii GT Girl

Kawaii GT Girl



After the race, all the drivers are required to park their racing car at the side. The reason was because the car were so hot and it might caught on fire. If you were there, you'll be nervous too seeing the team with a fire extinguisher in hand when the driver steps out from the driver seat. Nobody can go near to the car, the car must be left there about 2 hours before they push the car back to the pit lane.

Super GT Racing Cars

A crashed Nissan GTR. The driver crashed this super car middle of the race. It was sent to the back of the pit lane and coincidently I was the only one seen it, managed to take few shots before they covered it. Other photographers came, the team don't allowed them to take a photo at all. So I consider a lucky one, lol.

Crashed GT Racing Car

Crashed GT Racing Car

Okay, done with my Super GT post, time to post on my Japan trip already!

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