Jonker Walk, Melacca is the must-visit place,

especially during Chinese New Year.

Jonker Walk (Jalan Hang Jebat) is a street located in the Chinatown, Melacca.

It has many antique stores, the famous Rice-Ball restaurant and Sam Suk Gong.

In the morning, many stores are open and at night, the street will be closed for traffic and turn into lively night market.

I am a regular visitor to Jonker Walk,

for instance, on this Sunday night, 24 January 2010.

Jonker Walk is only a one and a half hour journey from my house.

Interesting handcraft.

Sun Wu Kong

Sells at RM25. Cheap?

Sun Wu Kong is my favorite legend to tell stories about. Then my foreign friends will go

"Aww! Really?! Awesome!"

Sun Wu Kong is my childhood hero.

I believe 80's babies know who is he, no?

Bai Jia Xing

Chopstick is significant. I had been trained so hard by my mother to hold chopstick with the correct way, 'cause she said I am Chinese and I should learn it.

Jiang, my Chinese surname.

RM4 per pair. I bought 6 pairs for my family.

Jonker Walk truly is the best place for you and me to learn Chinese cultures. Most of the stalls sells Chinese things, such as the variety of foods, Fengshui stuff, books, decoration and etc.

Along the street you also can spot temples / pubs / bars.

In shorts, Jonker Walk had it all if you want to know more about Malaysia Chinese.

It's been zillion times I dine in Tony Roma's.

After shopping time, we are hungry

so I decided to dine in there for 1375864735 times.

This time is special 'cause

I brought my sister there for the very first time!*happy*

I just love the pasta and ribs!

Affordable pricing and I am satisfied with their services!

What's best to do before food served?

Camwhore Time!

Jan Calvin

My dinner wouldn't that purrfect w/o this baby hunk.

Yours truly.

My sister.

After all the above pretty faces and sweet smiles, food served.

Roll down for more.


I love the bread! It's free for each dine-in.


Yum yum, my all-time fav!


Ribs steak.

Tips : Never order one set meal for each person, you will never able to finish all.

The sauce.

I am not fancy about the sauces, prefer have the ribs with their original sauce.

The sisters.

Shopping time is good. Barely find any clothes.

I think I am not in the good mood yet, perhaps.

Chinese New Year is around the corner,

anyone of you have not buy any new clothes?

New shirt, new panties, new accessories, everthing la.

I do believe red underwear bring luck during gambling.


Want to get a pet?

I have my first pet at my age 8, it was a stray cat. I picked her up from the street. That was my first time fell in love and I know that she is my responsibility. Sad to tell that, she died very soon, I guess, a week later? I wasn't sure what I had fed her with or did I done something wrong, she would rather to die than spending more time with me. I cried and dreamt of her, I still recall that she came back for me, we played together, then, she flew away from me. Her body was floating in the sky and seems she is free and flying to the heaven. I tried to call her name, I couldn't speak, so I grabbed her legs. Then I woke up with my left hand on the air with tears rolling down my cheek. I was so devastated and thought of dying so that we can be together forever and ever. =(

Well, leave my sad memory behind. Let's talk about getting a pet for yourself. I would recommend dogs. For those who know me, let it be close friends or the people in my circle of life, I am a big fan of dogs. My mom is a pet lover, she is a pro in taking care of animals. I meant pet. I had my first puppies when I was 10, my bitch named Yun Yun gave birth for 5 puppies, only 3 survived. I was my first time, mind you. After the experience, when time goes by, I know that when your pet gives birth, make it like a human delivering babies. Which as a pet owner, you should bring them for check ups, ultrasound as well as healthy food before and after the delivery.

I have 4 dogs in my house while I owned 3 dogs with my bii. My first daughter is Mumble Chan, the celebrity in the house; Second is Roche Chan, Belgium shepherd a.k.a athletic in the house and Joker, the cute bitch a.k.a big eyes alien. They make me happier and delight my life. Different characteristics and moods of them trained me so well in taking care of pet's welfare. Wash the floor, clean the poo, bath them, nail-cutting, pamper them, walk them and etc. Lucky that Roche knows how to trim her own nails, I never use nail cutter on her.

Pets are adorable, let it be cats or dogs. If I am allowed to do so, my next pet would be a tiger or mini pig. Mumble Chan is adopted by us from a friend. Unfortunately, Mumble's parents died last year. To pay our last respect on such good parents, I brought Mumble to her parents' house before the dad got buried by the owner. Didn't manage to see the mom because the owner didn't inform us when Mumble's mom was ill.

Mumble is so adorable and caring, sometimes I would be very worried if she is home alone. Afraid that she will bullied by some morons or arse-holes, we decided to get a new dog so that they can take care of each other. German Shepherd is a no, Rottweiler is a big no, Golden is so gentle and blah-blah. After a research on dog's Wikipedia, we decided to get Belgium Shepherd. Fiercer than German, yet cleverer than other dogs. Diligent and obedient. Big thumb! We had searched for Belgium more than a year, at last we got it from Penang.

Then Joker. She was a surprise to my own expectation. I was having a shopping in KL then I stepped into a petshop. First met and I can't stop thinking about her big eyes and cute face expression. Being vulnerable for 3 days then I decided to take her home. She is freaking jaw-dropping expensive to me. RM 2200 for such a small dog. There's gone the half-month salary.

My friends were influenced by me and they decided to get a pet as well. My dogs are giant breeds, Joker is definitely the exception. Jeff said my dogs are tigers. They want to buy one as well but can't afford. So I came out with a superb brilliant idea. They can


Where to go and how?


03-4256 5312 / 03 - 4253 5179
9.00AM - 4.00PM
(Everyday, including weekends and public holidays)

I strongly recommend to adopt a non-pure breed before you have one like mine.


1. You are freaking new in taking care of a pet. Amateur.

2. They have stronger immune system compared to pure breeds.

3. Strong mentality and first and foremost, they don't get lost easily.

4. Charity. Or you want to conned by blood sucking petshops?


you can't bear all the expenses. Such as

1. Deworm. Depends on the size. Mumble is 34KG, costs me RM350 each year. It' a MUST!

2. Vaccination. RM25 for 6-in-1, RM45 for 9-in-1 or 12-in-1. It' a MUST!

3. Vitamins for allergic sickness. (it might happens)

4. Food food food! And treats. RM190 for Eukanuba. Treat from RM 6 a pack. It' a MUST!

5. Toys. So that they can entertain themselves at night.

6. Shampoos and accessories (nail cutter, ear drop, eye drop and etc.) It' a MUST!

Mind you, I have 3 dogs. Which mean triple the fund.

What a lovely and responsible pet owner I am.

Before you proceed further from here, read below :

Having your pet neutered, obeying community leash and licensing laws, and keeping identification tags on your pets are all part of being a responsible owner. Of course, giving your pet love, companionship, exercise, a healthy diet, and regular veterinary care are other essentials.

It's very important.

Then, the places where you can keep your pet. Your busy schedule is a BIG NO!

If you are not sure whether if you can get along with your pet,

or you are not a pet lover,


So, to all the future pet owners,

be sure you can treat your pet like your family. They need love too.

If you have the criteria to be a pet owner, proceed to the next stage.



  1. Visit the SPCA Animal Shelter in Ampang Jaya and see the variety of animals available.
  2. You will be briefly interviewed by the SPCA staff to find out more about your experience with animals, residence & housing arrangements for the animal.
  3. Choose a pet suitable for your family, lifestyle and living environment.
  4. Enquire about the adoption fee and conditions for adopting the animal
  5. Fill in the adoption form at the Front Desk, make the donation and take your pet home.
  6. For puppy and dog adopters, following the adoption an SPCA Animal Inspector will pay a friendly visit to your residence in the next few weeks to see how your new pet is settling in.
  1. No animal can be reserved over the telephone or via email.
  2. SPCA Selangor reserves the right not to approve an adoption.
  3. SPCA Selangor may need to check the premises of the potential adopter before giving approval.
  4. Adoption of an SPCA animal cannot be processed for anyone who is below the age of 18, or students who are not residing with their parents.
  1. Adoption fees range from RM70 above for cats, and RM150 above for dogs.
  2. The adoption fee is inclusive of one vaccination, one de-worming and the neutering operation.
  3. It is SPCA’s policy to neuter all the animals that pass through our doors to help curb the overpopulation problem. If your animal is under the age of 6 months, you will be briefed on when to bring him or her back for the operation.

Need more information? Click here.

Have pets? A pet lover? Click here.

Wish you all the best, fellas.