Joker is sleeping next to me.

Air-cond at 16°c. Fan at speed 5.

What a cozy environment, I shall have a nice nap in my fluffy comforter.

No! It's time for me to update my blog!


Well well. Ben Xiao Jie de birthday just passed.

People asked me :

" Hey Rose, how was your celebration? "

" Clean my dog's poo and replying smssssssssssss. "

" Hah?! "


Woke up in the morning, spotted goldish poosssss in my car porch.

What a creative birthday gift from 'em.

Checked out my mail box, Facebook, and cellphone.

Replied wishes one-by-one, sincerely.

*Thanks fellas for your loving smssssssss.*

Took a bath and ready for my birthday planssss!

I went for dinner with my hunnie bunnie ;)
Desert after dinner ;) Daz.
Mochissssss. Assorted flavors.


That's us. *Lovely*
This is the 87695046 times I went to Jogoya.
But I still love it. Tee hee.
Before dinner, had a very short shopping time with hunnie bunnie.

Bought few things :

A winter jacket w/o sleeves from Billabong.

Sesame Street t-shirts from Bossini.

A formal attire from Club Monaco.

Pyjamas from La Senza.
Shopping is so tempting.

right or not?

Love, Love, Love, Ima Brand - Rose.