Unbelievable, April is coming! April is a very lovely and beautiful month. Everything comes to life when April arrived, especially countries with winter season such as France and Japan. Cherry blossom flowers on the trees, lush trees and festivals! Not forgetting to mention that April is my birthday month!

Frankly speaking, I don't really fancy about celebrating my birthday. As I can recall, my parents threw me fancy parties when I was young but all I ever cared was when all these people/guests go home and leave me alone. I must say thank you to all the birthday presents and put a sweet smile on my face. Not saying that I'm twisted inside, I just don't like faking out a smile when I don't feel like to!

Put that aside. Even though I had been procrastinating and didn't bother to update this blog, I did have readers/supporters coming over and check it out. To be frank, it's out of my expectation, seriously. Tell me who you are, people!

Put that aside (again). March is a busy month to me. Apart from attending few events lately, I burnt a big hole in my pocket, first. Brought my furkids to the veterinary clinic for body check-up and vaccination. If you followed my blog entries before, I've shared my experience on how to take care of pets, especially dog. As a pet owner, we are not only providing cozy shelter, sufficient food and water, we also must make sure that our pets are free from flea and heart-worm, body check up and vaccination annually.

Keep of a record of their vaccination and body checkup.

My beloved furkid, Mumble :'(

Apparently, March is a busy month to my mom, too. She just flew back from Macau and there she flew again to Indonesia. I only get to see her pretty face less than a week for this month. I as her daughter I need to make breakfast appointment days ahead as her friends booked her already. 

one of the souvenirs she bought for me.

Annoyed my furkids with the pair of socks bought from Macau.

It's a devastating month as well. An elderly person that I had been knowing almost ten years passed away recently. Spent time with her family throughout the week. It was a peaceful week as I did not have any entertainment activities, only prayers and dinners. My deepest condolence to her family and friends.


Anyways, finally had a nail and leg spa! Been nagging about it since the Chinese New Year. It only costs me RM168 for the treatment. Chose the nail color as shown below, and look! It matches the phone I was holding! #whatthehell And no, it is not my phone.


Despite all the saddening information over the news, I had fun with these people that I've been knowing for a long time! Spent few days with them, working and had breakfast together, I had a really great time with them!

Funny people!

Eggs, anyone?

The most exciting moment was when I received a parcel from Tune Talk! I haven been anticipating much for this concert since a year ago when there was rumor circulating around that this band will come to Malaysia! Have my fingers crossed that this concert is not another sick joke of Malaysia, the government has been canceling few international concerts, to be frank I am ashamed and pissed when my friends from overseas asked about it. I think I should change my country origin to Thailand in Instagram and Four Square. #justsaying So, don't ever dared to cancel this concert!


Check out the videos below to check out more about my favorite band!

#Welcome To The Family

#A Little Peace of Heaven

Before I end this post, first of all, thanks again for your support and I really don't know what else to say.


Don't want to give empty promises but I will really try my best to update this blog, alright? I am recently active in Instagram, can find me by searching roslynkong. Now, bribe you with this picture of me, come back for more updates!

-signing off.

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