When Honda Malaysia launches The Iconic New-Civic few months back, it has caught many attentions with its sleek exterior and advanced interface, and of course, the Turbocharged engine!

Light breakfast with the Honda Team.

Brief Meeting at Le Gardenz Cafe, Serdang

Despite the gloomy sky, my morning is brightened up by a sweet young lady at the registration table.

Honda Civic Media Drive
Met my old mate, Ivan Khong.

Ivan and his teammates had certainly make the drive enjoyable and easy! We had a short briefing before roll out in the morning. During the brief, we were introduced to the history of Honda Civic from the 1st Generation to the latest, which is the current model, the 10th Generation. Long story short, Honda has come a long way in automobile business for 40 years, can't agree more that Honda is the most preferred Japanese Car Brand among the Malaysian!

Time to roll out! That's me in the first car.

The All-New Civic is available in five colors (Photo: from 1st to 4th Civic) - Modern Steel Metallic, White Orchid Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, and Lunar Silver Metallic. Dark Ruby Red Pearl is not shown.

The definition of sleek and sophisticated.

So what's about The-New Civic? Apart from the Turbocharged engine, one thing that attracts me when I saw The-New Civic on the road is the boomerang-shaped tail light! Honestly speaking, it never failed to tempt me to speed up for a better view of its rear, especially during the night.

Honda Civic Media Drive
At night.

Better vehicle lighting can improve visibility, especially driving in areas with low light condition. I remembered when HID light (xenon or bi-xenon) was popular back then as it has higher light output, aftermarket fitting was a bomb, car owners feel cool and 'gangsta' with the blue glare (ignoring the risk of dazzling other road users). And yeah, aftermarket fitting of HID became illegal and summoned by JPJ because of the increasing number of complaint received from the public.

LED Daytime Running Light and Headlights

Vehicle manufacturers are addressing this safety benefit and LED light comes into the picture of high light output with reduced power consumption and less annoying glare. In short, LED is the new IN.

Intelligent Monitoring

Do you usually keep track of car service? Honestly, I don't. My current ride has a similar intelligent monitoring system, it adapts to my driving habits and promptly alerts me when it's time for oil change, tire pressure loss, brake pads, battery change and more. It's definitely a thoughtful invention because I practically depending on the system to take a good care of the ride. This IN thing is no longer the common dash which only display engine temperature, oil tank, speedometers and mileage.

Advanced Interface

7-inch Display Audio Touchscreen

The All-New Civic offers “Advanced Interface” with Android operating system. It simplified smartphone connectivity with a single cable connection. It's easy to use where users able to control audio system, phone contacts, display settings and other advanced features. You're just gotta swipe and tap just like on the tablet or smartphone.

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink - Pick Up Call, Decline Call, Talk/Voice Commands Button

After you completes a hassle free one-time "pairing" process, you can communicate wirelessly and securely while driving. To make a call, there are few methods, but the safest way (to minimize driver distraction) would be pressing the "Talk Button". Just say "dial by number" or "dial by name" and then proceed with the next voice commands, such as "Honda Malaysia office" or "home". Alternatively, use the touch screen display or synced phonebook to search for contacts, these methods are suitable only if your car is not moving to reduce the risk of accidents. While you're using the voice commands feature, it's perfectly fine to speak at your normal voice and shouting is not necessary as the microphone is just on the ceiling, speak in a clear, natural voice will do the work.

Answer or decline your calls using the steering wheels-mounted fingertip controls too. As you can see from the photo above, the round button with left, right, up, and down is for you to navigate the list, such as audio list, phone list or just anything that enable selections. While the Plus and Minus button is for you to control the sound level of audio.

Some of these features which are also Civics’ first include "Remote Engine Start", "Walk Away Auto Lock", "Electric Parking Brake" and "Auto Brake Hold".

Honda Civic Media Drive
Keyless Access Entry

About 10 years ago (oh gawd I feel so aged), it was an era where "Remote Engine Start" a new cool thing in aftermarket fitting. I installed Viper Alarm to a Elantra. It was freaking IN back then, I start the engine using the Viper alarm system. Couldn't remember what happened to the alarm but when I think back, Viper Alarm System (probably) inspired the car manufacturers to add in the feature.

Anyways, as you can see from the photo above, there are "Lock Button", "Unlock Button", "Open Trunk Button" and lastly the "Engine Start Button". To remotely start the engine, press the "Lock Button" once then press-hold the "Engine Start Button" for merely 2-3 seconds.

The advantage of having the function of "Remote Engine Start" is to cool down the cabin temperature, let the air conditioner runs before you entering the car. However, my advice is to wait no longer than 10 minutes as the engine will automatically turn off. For safety purposes, all your doors are remained locked, so no worries of car hijacking during this time. Furthermore, you're holding the remote, the push start button is not responding if the remote controls is more than 10 metres away.

Another feature that is freaking important is the "Walk Away Auto Lock". I'm guilty of being forgetful, I left my car unlocked sometimes. I know I keep forgetting it so I always rush to my car in the parking lot to see if the doors are locked, well it means extra leg exercises and heart pumping. Yes, unfortunately, my Theodore doesn't born with an auto-lock intelligence.

Auto Brake Hold and Electric Parking Brake

Honestly it cracks my head to think of the benefits of having these functions. It literally keep your car from moving after you activate 'em. Traditionally, I press the brake pedal or pull the handbrake. Anyways, don't get too uptight with these new-era functions, it's easy to understand. When you need to make a brief stop, for example, at a red light, or at a drive-thru, press the Brake Hold Button (in the photo), there's no need to keep your foot on the brake. When you're ready to go, just press the accelerator and the function will be automatically deactivated. In my humble opinion, Brake Hold is a comfort-feature during the rush hours but it can be hazardous to be used in a maze-alike traffic conditions where you need to make sudden change of lanes or to make numerous brakes.

Electric Parking Brake is used to hold the vehicles stationary which traditionally accomplished by a handbrake or foot brake. Ideally, Electric Parking Brake is activated during incline or decline road, which I consider it works as hill-hold function too. It applies solid brake compared to Auto Brake Hold. To deactivate the function, just press the accelerator will do.


With our increasing fuel price, many will love this feature. I can't feel the difference in power reduce after I activate the ECON mode during the city drive, the truth is I haven't extensively tested it, so couldn't make any comment precisely on the fuel consumption if the gas mileage is better.

Presentable, Powerful, Poised - The All-New Civic is all three.

The 10th Generation Civic is revolution in design. With its bold styling low and wide stance, also the 17" alloy wheels, it definitely turn heads wherever you drive passed.

Gymkhana on a wet road condition

Compared to sporty sedans like the Mazda 3 or Toyota Altis, the Civic is in a class of its own. It's 1.5 Turbocharged engine makes 174 horsepower at 5500 rpm, the Turbo kicks in at merely 1700 rpm that gives in a maximum of 220 Nm of Torque. Well, why a 1.5 Turbocharged engine over a 2.0CC/2.4CC?

To make it easier to understand, turbocharged engine delivers more power kick in than any other cars. Turbocharged engine has becoming popular and preferred as smaller-displacement engines are more fuel efficient - it deliver on-demand power to accomplished rather than a constant consumption of fuel and also requires longer time to reach the certain speed.

The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system helps to stabilize the vehicle during cornering if the car turns more or less than desired. It also assists you in maintaining traction while accelerating on loose or slippery road surfaces. Many has asked me if this Civic can do drifting after deactivating the VSA. (a moment of silence....) Front wheel drive can't do drifting, boys. Well, probably a cheat slight powerslide when you turn off the VSA. Eh, don't stray from the headline la.

Honda Civic Media Drive
Paddle Shifters

Thanks to Paddle Shifters it brings back the "manual transmission". Essentially, it works similar to manual transmission, just without the clutch pedal, it enables the driver to shift gears up or down. Paddle shifters in this Civic is easy to operate, press the left to shift-down and right for shift-up. It comes handy when you are rolling downhill or uphill which requires you to engage low gear, otherwise, for automatic transmission automobile, the gear will be shifted automatically.

Apart from the technical part, guess some of you concern about the space and other secondary features. Well, this Civic has dual zones air conditioning system with rear air conditioning ventilation (as shown in the photo below).

Honda Civic Media Drive 2016
A better legroom and boot space of 519 liter beats other rivals - Toyota Altis and Mazda3

Safety wise, 8-way Driver Power Seat enables you to adjust the seat according to your comfort and preference. Not forgetting the airbags and reverse camera too!

6 airbags

During our way back to the city, I have requested to test drive the 1.8S model for a comparison between the two engines.

Honda Civic Media Drive
With the 1.8L i-VTEC Civic

Both the models adapts some of the same features, including Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and Cruise Contro, both features ensure a smoother ride and improved fuel economy.

The 1.8 Litre makes 139 hp at 6500 rpm and 174 Nm of Torque at 4300 rpm. Besides the significant loss of power, 1.8L doesn't include the Paddle Shifters, which is a big nay to me. Would I buy it? Nay. For me, with just a difference of RM14,000, it's worth the money to get the 1.5 Turbo instead. BUT If you're an urban driver, 1.8L is just right for you. With the extra 14k, you can get the accessories package (Modulo, Urban or Utility Package) to enhance the exterior of your brand new Civic.

Honda Civic Media Drive
Satisfied with the Brand New Honda Civic

At 88 Honda Dealers nationwide, customers can enjoy 5-years warranty with unlimited mileage with a service interval of 10,000km. Owners can take advantage of the new Intelligent Monitoring System and book a service immediately once the Oil Life Indicator in ON.

For those who would like to have a test drive, visit the nearest Honda Showroom for further information. Below are the prices for 3 variants (On-the-road with insurance):

1.8 S - RM113,800
1.5 Turbocharged - RM127,800
1.5 Turbocharged Premium - RM135,800

On a side note,

Honda Civic Media Drive

The All-New BR-V, Honda Malaysia's brand new Full 7-Seater Crossover prototype made a surprise preview last Thursday at the Malaysia Autoshow 2016. The BR-V is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC engine, which provides 120PS, making it the highest engine output in its segment.

Honda Civic Media Drive
The Front View

The trendy exterior is further enhanced with Daytime Running Light (DRL) and 16? Dual Tone Alloy wheels. Practical features such as the reverse camera and sensors are also made available in the All-New BR-V.

Honda Civic Media Drive
The Rear View

Honda Civic Media Drive
Not for public view.

I have nothing to reveal as the interior is fully covered and not avaiable for public viewing. For those who are interesting, visit www.honda.com.my to discover more about this new model.

Credits: I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Honda Malaysia for the media drive opportunity. (Disclaimer: Some of the photos provided and authorised by Honda Malaysia)

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