Bought a KFC bucket for my daughters ;) They were actually chilling in the kitchen of my boyfriend's studio. Mumble, Roche and Joker.

Mumble is mocking for Vincent's drumstick.

We're on bed. ;) and the snakey, My once-upon-soft-toy-but-now-is-Joker's-bestfriend.

Talalalala! Joker, the pug. My new pet ;)

She and her sexy pose and confused face.

Joker with her villain face. " I'm watching you, kids."

It's sleeping time. Mumble, the Snakey and Roche.

These hot days really killing. So Calvin and I let the dogs in for air-cond in the room. See how comfortable they are. ;)

Believe it or not. The Donald Duck is my first soft toy since I was 2 years old. The very origin soft toy from my dad ;) And I still keep it.

Mumble ;)

Mumble is a very smart dog. She never get into a fight and well trained. Well she chased cat, but we stopped her, so since then she knows she is not allowed to chase cats. ;)

The Smallest and the Largest

Compare the body size of Joker's and the head size of Mumble's.

Mumble, Roche, Shadow and Raydan in a row.

First time bringing my daughters to Calvin's house. This was the first time they met each other, amazing was they played together and don't bark or attempting to attack each other.

They're se lovely, aren't they?

Roche met an accident last Saturday night.

Sadly we don't have a 24 animal clinic in Seremban. I was at the airport and got a call from Calvin and told me that Roche went missing at the first place before he called me back again informing me that Roche is bleeding.

I speed up my car speed to 160 KM/H at the ulu road from Kg. L.B.J back to Seremban 2. I was so worried and overtake lots of cars. When I reached home, Calvin wasn't there. He went out with Hilmy to look for a human 24 hr clinic hoping that they could rescue Roche.

My heart stop beating when I saw Roche lay on the floor and her nose is bleeding. She couldn't walk and stand. My mom and siblings were cheering her up hoping she won't fall asleep. My tears dropped and begging Roche not to leave me this way.

It was 2 in the middle of the night, I tried to call my vet doctor but nobody answering the phone. I called to 103 hoping that somebody could tell me any of the 24 clinic around Seremban. Dissapointed that the 103 teller gave me the office number of my vet doctor's.

I was so nervous and scared. Roche is just a 4 months baby, how could anyone let the gate open wide? Luckily Irene went and get a laptop and started to google about 24 hours animal clinic around. And we got it.

Animal Medical Centre Sdn Bhd

Wisma Medivet, 8, Jln Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur

t: 6(03) 4042 6742 & 4042 5873 f: 6(03) 4041 3660

Consultation Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Emergency hours: 9pm - 9am

Sunday: 9am - 6pm
Emergency hours: 6pm - 9am

Public Holiday - Please call to enquire
Emergency Services: Call 03-40426742

Thanks god! It's nearby and we could reached there after 30 minutes. We went by two cars, I was with my younger brother while Calvin, Edward and Irene were in the same car with Roche. Edward and Irene were doing it so hard to cheer up Roche cause she seems want to fall asleep in the car. Thankfully the doctor was there and we managed to rescue Roche at the first second when we reached there.

Roche is suspected hit by a moron's car. She was having head injury and eyes are internally bleeding. She was admitted to the animal hospital for 4 nights.

The dedicated team.

Seriously, I believe all of them are animal people. They take good care of the animals and I can feel their sincerity about doing their jobs as an animal saver.

The consultation room.

Oxygen box.

Roche can't wait to go home ;)

She is fine ;)

Waiting to discharged her from the hospital.

Roche in the car. ;)

I really really appreciate the help from my family and friends. Thanks for Doctor Ee for concerning about Roche condition and thankfully that Calvin and Edward managed to discover where was Roche when she met the accident.

Thank you, hugs and kisses.