Late, late, late update!

Celebrated his birthday on 31st January 2010.

He is officially a 24 years old big man!

I still have one more month to go, wait for me.

I've prepared a surprise gift for him,

ever since he started to ask what present he'll get from me.

He is so busy nowadays and he is exhausted teaching new students.

So I said : "Don't worry, you'll get a surprise and you'll love it!"

We missed our annual trip because I had my 'trip' in Columbia hospital.

Bother the charges and boredom staying in the hospital.

Burned me into ashes in hell and a big hole in my pocket!

I need a breakaway! He needs it too.


Cozy and windy. We did not swim because jellyfish conquered the beach!

I got it from jellyfish before, it was so damn pain, can?

I thought it was plastic bag and cursing people like nobody business.

"Don't know how to throw in the dustbin izzit?!"

Check In

He had no idea where I am bringing him to. Until he saw the Cherating Beach signboard.

OMG, after a 4 hours drive, I am completely tired.

Sunshine time in the suite.

I've booked a suite for 2 person.

They did offer a president suite but it is too much spaces for 2 person,

so I decided to book this.

It's a purrfect getaway and far far from the city life.

We slept while listening to the sea wave and windy night is the rule of thumbs!

We only stayed for 2 days 1 night.

My breakfast. This is my ideal breakfast.

I used to fancy about spaghetti, fruit wine and ham in the morning.

Breads, nuts and sausage is just perfect for a sunny morning.

I took lotsa photos of the resort and beach, but my laptop system down

and couldn't upload most of them.

I will definitely book this resort again in the future ;)

Impiana Resort and Spa