This is the most excited day of my days in Melbourne. It was a sunny day, woke up by the humming from the musician who was humming songs in the bathroom #likeaboss! Despite the strong cold wind, everything is blissful for the day! Grabbed a quick breakfast from the cafe downstairs, can't wait no more to go!


If you had read my blog months ago, you should have known that it was an unplanned trip of mine. It's presumably that my BFF is my mobile GPS thus I never had a map with me. Yet, we still missed the stop so we hopped off at the next stop and took a long way walking to the destination. And I met a pug! The first pug I met in Melbourne! Her name is Diamond, a cool name thou!

No, she likes me although she looked like she's in pain, but she wasn't.

Apart from that, spotted my ideal car at the car-park! It's the 2007 version with a newer facelift compared to 2006 version. In case you want to know, my dream car is Porsche Cayman and Audi TT.I always wanted a Mini Cooper S 'cause I tend to portrait myself driving the car with Mumble sitting comfortably inside. There was once I was so close to get a Mini but when Mumble is gone, everything seems meaningless. Heartache.

Can we buy this plat number in Malaysia?

I freaking love zoos! Freaking love it!

There's a reflection of me.

I have been a big fan of zoos. I never have second thoughts when donating money to the zoo. By using the accumulated donation, they could have more budget to do research on saving living creatures as well as educating the young generation about the animals. Seriously, by bringing the kids to the zoo, educate them, nurturing them throughout the journey is way better than keeping them in the classroom. It's proven that visual education via cards, slides, papers have less impact on kids compared to showing them the real things. Then why bother to waste the time doing it in the classroom? I could not understand THAT.

On top of that, I banned all the heartless people who is running a zoo for personal benefits and abuse the animals without providing sufficient food and proper medication, also lack of professionals to take care of them! Banned all of them!

I'm here again for the second time!

When I first visited Melbourne Zoo years ago, it was already the noon and they closed at 5PM. When I rushed to the Gorilla Park, no gorilla is spotted! So this time, I told my BFF that I must see the gorillas first before other animals. Can't wait to see gorillas!

Obviously there's a fake smile on my face 'cause I can't wait already!

This is Johari!

The closest shot I could snapped of her. The observatory deck was fully occupied by students, the gorillas were so far from our reach. Surprisingly when I was about to leave, Johari came right to me (YES. I was the only human on the deck 'cause the group of students left) and sat there, looking at me as if I was the one in a cage. I was pretty touched although it was quite hilarious thinking that she was observing me, I can see it through her eyes that she feels comfortable living with her family in the park. I truly believe that the zoo is taking good care of them.

The introduction.

Rigo the Dominant and Julia is Johari's mom.

The Family Tree.

The Food Preparation Laboratory.

The Menu.

The sufficient amount to be consumed.

Black and White Ruffed Lemur.

Our friends from Madagascar.

Black and White Colobus.

The orang utan with a sack bag behind!

Next time when you visit Melbourne, don't forget to look for these machines.

This little girl is adorably friendly.

Next, the tigers!



As usual, the tigers never come near to the observatory deck. From all my experiences with tigers, they will only walking around eagerly waiting for their feeders, most of the time they chill under shades. Have you seen how they pee? They practically shoot their urine like a fire hose to trees! I can't forget it when the first time I saw that at my younger age, my jaw dropped.

Even ducks also chilling under shades.

A vain shoot. I was asking the duck/bird to show me if he/she can fly.

When I showed this photo to my mom, she trembled. My mom shivers whenever she sees bugs. A caterpillar is enough to shake her.

It's a beautiful caterpillar thou!



I used to have weird feelings towards butterfly when I was younger. But this time, no. There were thousands and thousands of butterfly in the park, I was worried that I might be allergic of their wings or whatsoever but everything was good! A butterfly landed on my head like a hair clip!

Eight-legged freak.

Elephant time!


Baby elephant.

Nothing much about elephants. Assumed all of you are familiar with elephants but one thing I must emphasize here, damn the elephant park in Melbourne Zoo is freaking big! They have few activity rooms for them, they even have a well-equipped resting room when they are not put up for show! Now we see where the Melbourne Zoo spends the money, they give it back to the animals!

Kangaroo Land! Compared to Gorilla Park, I wasn't excited much about that. I have that little fear towards kangaroos although many told me that kangaroos are mostly tame and nice but I know they could break your bones just with ONE back kick. Elephants kill you too with ONE step but I could see it when an elephant is coming but kangaroos are fast and light, they are great jumpers!


The photos below seems 'burning hot' but it wasn't. I set to the wrong mode.




That's all for kangaroos. I did not go near them, let it alone take a photo with them!

Sleeping wombat.

Why all animals so adorable!

Short-Beaked Echidna


Aiyo so cute!

Want to take him home!

The Lion Park! They keep the most lions compared to all the zoos I've visited!


The only shot.

Move to the next section.

Why are you so huge?

Bet they live more than a hundred years.

The snakes.




Ahh! The Sea Lion Park! I can't recall how it looks like last time but man this park is good!


They have this huge tank and you can see sea lions swimming under the water!


And lucky me when I came out from the lower level to the open viewing deck, I saw them feeding the cute creatures!


"Hey pretty!"

"Nom Nom"

The little penguins! Now I know not all penguins from Southern hemisphere.#facts

"Eh folks, look at them! What are they doing to our friend there?"

"Why you do this to me?"

"I'm dying I'm dying, I'm suffocating!"

"OMG, it's so scary I thought I am gonna die!"

At last got my pressed penny from this machine.

There you go, the two of my pressed penny collection.

BFF wanted to see this then here we go.
Good Fellow's Tree Kangaroo.

Been waiting for him to finish. After 15 minutes....

Still eating!

We spent a day in the zoo and it was such an enjoyable journey! Even our Najib and Rosmah Badawi and Jeanne (Thanks Diana Diane Too to point it out) like it!

We feeding the giraffe. The privilege of being the Prime Minister.

Obviously I do not have the privilege.

Yours truly.

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