Photos credit to Azhar Studio.

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is the world's first "Cyber Game Festival", designed to build a healthy cyber culture. The best gamers around the world gather into different cities to share the excitement and fun of the game tournaments.

This was the first time I joined as part of them, representing AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) as one of the Miss WCG 2010 contestant. I attended Big Boys Toys before, but WCG is a totally different form of a must-attend event for the guys out there. This year, WCG Malaysia 2010 conducted various type of games for the gamers to outshine their gaming skills.

They have Guitar Hero 5, SDO, Sudden Attack, Tekken and so on.

This post supposed to be the short introduction about WCG 2010. I shall let the pictures do the talking for now.

 Counter Strike was the main final official game for WCG Malaysia 2010. It's a battle between groups, 5 gamers in each. The grand winner can go home with RM10,000 cash! Can you believe it? I'm going to install this game and start my training nao!

 Freebies from AMD.

Many booths give out free-installation gaming CD, posters, calendars, tissues, leaflet and key-chains. AMD has been so thoughtful, the food court is located outside the exhibition hall and it takes too much hassle to get a drink from there, thus the management give out drinking water to all the visitors.

Apart from that, the visitors' eyes are well-treated and comforted by all the pretty girls (except me) from different booth. During the 3 days of Exhibition and Tournament, you can vote them as the girls are the contestants for Miss WCG 2010.

Guess who's the 1st and 2nd Runner Up for Miss WCG 2010 in the picture below?
The author, Michelle, Dreamy and Angeline.

I'm actually humiliating myself by posting this photo up. I had so much fun with them, yet, I'm worried that I would caused bad reputation to AMD. Commonly, all the girls are pretty and outstanding. This thought had been killing me since the first second I'm offered with this task. I'm happy and grateful with the opportunity given by Natlely Goh, nothing can beat the happiness. So people, be nice to my comment box, if you're attempting to curse or humiliate me, should get a life and just back off. :)

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