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Things have been going pretty smooth lately. Skepticism leads the way and I started to doubt about things that happened around me. I am a believer of :

Pain is the price to pay before any precious things.

So am I gonna die? Am I? Am I? Am I?


Due to overload work and projects that constantly flooded my mail box, my first thing to do after I open my eyes is the check my mail, washing face and brushing teeth are the second thing. As usual, more than 10 mails awaiting for my reply. I clicked it one-by-one with extreme boredom. When I came across the sender column which stated Nuffnang, my heart beat skipped. Is that..... Nuffnang? Sorry to act such way, I seldom receive mails from Nuffnang, it only happens once in a blue moon, let it alone movie invitation or "coffee with Nuffie".

I repeatedly rubbed my eyes, I stared at the screen with disbelief sigh. Invitation to LG Cookie Monster Party? Are you serious? I'm one of the best 100 entries? Before I jumped up from my seat, I presume that they might be received only 101 entries, and one of them submitted the broken link. I just couldn't believe it! I am never be such a lucky person! To be frank, I never won any lucky draw since I was young, sadly. But nah, I'm just being imaginative. How can only 101 entries submitted? Impossible.

I submitted an entry to take part in LG Cookie contest. I was hoping so much that Nuffnang would have take a sight on my blog entry, at least I have the 0.1% chance. I'm an optimistic person, but at some point, the more you put your hope in, the more you feel the disappointment. I afraid to put so much hopes, I've known some of the Nuffnangers and those who took part, they can write better than me. I still can't believe that I received the invitation from Nuffnang, and I kept checking my mail just to confirm if the mail still there, secured in my inbox. Nothing could describe my happiness, even the sun rays jealous of my glow. *face beaming*

I appreciate the invitation and I have my fingers crossed, hopefully nothing will up by time and I can arrange my own transport. For those, especially my readers, if you want to be part of us, if you are a party animal potential writer, like to meet new people, a thoughtful person that need a platform to confess your thoughts or whatsoever, kick start by register as one of the Nuffnangers, the most happening community in town. All you need to do is to have a blog, or if you have one, and nao you are one step closer to be part of the most glamorous and enjoyable events / campaigns / movie screenings and etc.

See you there!

Once again,

Nuffnang rawks!

PS: This is a single invite. For those who received an invitation and would like to find a partner, feel free to drop a comment here. :)