A friend of mine tagged me in a video in Facebook, said I should start training my pug like Hutch, a male pug that featured in the video. Animals, especially dogs never fail to make me fall in love with them. If you are one of the reader of this blog, you know that I'm an animal lover, I constantly blog about my furkids, 4 of them undeniably adorable and smart. They are my happy pills.

This entry supposedly to show you the video, I can guarantee you that your heart will melt after you watched it. Unless you're another cold-hard bitch. But before that, let me show you some of Joker's photo, which I took it recently.

Somehow, my friends commented that she looks like a spy in this photo. Maybe she's spying at the Rottweiler next door. A huge and muscular handsome dog.

Nothing can beat her cuteness. I never intended to take any toy group breed as pet, thought they are noisy and unbearably playful. Until I saw Joker crawled in her cage in the pet shop, I can't hold it and I fell in love with this gorgeous creature! I took me 3 days before I finally decided to take her home.

This video is one of Vadofone's advertising campaigns. Enjoy it!

Look-alike, isn't it? I bought this soft-stool because both of 'em look alike. I used to think that English Bulldog or French Bulldog are better than pug, but I was totally wrong. Pug is so cute and you can't resist their cuteness! I always fooled by Joker's face expressions, she'll show me one kind of pitiful face if she wants a piece of the food in my hand. If it wasn't of my mentally strength, she already had eaten all and left myself with nothing in hands.


Did I told you about Frank, the pug in Men In Black? :)