My outfit of the day.

Thought to dress up like a Mechanic Monster, but I failed max, there was too much for the day and I barely have a time to even have a drink. So here I go, with the jacket and dress, both from Topshop.

I think I am not a friendly person and I need time before I really talk to a new friend. I was looking for anyone who got the invitation over the INNIT and blogs, finally I found some of them. They are really nice and willing to go there with me.

Kenny Sia was the MC for the day. He is funny thou.

With Kenny Sia!

I did not win any of the competition nor lucky draw. It's already been very lucky for me to be picked up by Nuffnang as one of the 100 blog entries for the invitation. :) I'm not greedy.

I'm happy despite of the embarrassment for not able to know how to use my own camera.
I need Henry to program it for me before I took my first picture in the club, hence the limited pictures due to lighting/ flash and noise, I guess that's the reasons, no?

This is the consequences when you're over confidence and thought yourself as an engineer who able to handle ALL THE ELECTRICAL DEVICES. Man, I need to chew on the camera manual book starting this moment.

PS : Dori Lukey can't recognize me in the photo. Ms Xeroz said that I look so much different before and after make up. And nao, Dori Lukey add a plus on this statement. Maybe I should start to doll up myself.