Happy Chinese New Year people! This year is the OX year, same year as the year my little hunnie bunnie was born! Muacks Muacks Muacks!

I counted my angpow, quite many of angpows I've got, yet, hunnie's angpows more than mine!

It's UNFAIR, no?

By the way,

Say Hello to Mumble!

For Mumble, it's the 3rd year of Chinese New Year. Well, she had dherrea during the first and second year of Chinese New Year after she ate the oranges!

But, this year,

This year she's the MAN! She ate so much of oranges, and she is FINE!

Bought her a new 'necklace'. Blink blink type!

" Okay? She looks cute, aite? " I asked my hunnie bunnie.

" Umm.. Guess she feels disgraced... " hunnie answered.

" Yeah, look at her face. " I said.

" Better take it out now, later she'll call Animal Abuse Hotline. "

" Oh no worries hunnie. I've unplugged the telephone line. "



The PINK crocs, my new shoe.