Have been hearing about Pasta Zanmai and never have the chance to try it out. During World Cyber Games 2010, I was so lucky enough to get the job as AMD Girl and gosh, the pay is quite lucrative for a newbie like me. So, I asked my mom to pay me a quick visit during lunch so that I can treat her a nice lunch. I've been dining in Sushi Zanmai several times, this was my first time for Pasta Zanmai.

I don't know how you call this as.. I'm that kind of person that would call up and make reservation during lunch time. I know it may sounds insane or whatsoever you want to put this as, but I guess this is just me. Yes, I did walked to Pasta Zanmai before my mom arrived, I booked for a table and I want the hostess to have my table ready when four of us arrived at 2 PM.

And we did not wait any longer, we walked into the restaurant with the people in the queue green-eyed, nah, just kidding. They do not have green eyes.

Mom's order.

The Taofu. Ordered this for my drummer-bee.

Close up. Nom-nom.

Mine. I have a thing towards raw food.


Sister's pasta.

I know I look fake here. The event made me feel extremely exhausting but you know I enjoyed it to the max. I never been facing so much DSLR and flash in my life and yes, I got all this within the 3 days. I admit that I have camera shy and I smile awkwardly. The moment I got my first shot from a photographer that totally a stranger to me, and I know this is gonna be a new experience, not like representing your faculty and give speech in a college hall occupied by almost 3000 people, with the Principal and lecturers staring at you, expecting you to awe the audience with you words. I meant this was awesome but as an individual only, which I representing myself only, I know what it is. It's totally different kind of experience.

You know what, the good thing when you have your boyfriend sit next to you is, when you call for the bill, he would never let you pull out your wallet purse like a macho man. I did not pay for the bill, nah, shall treat him back next time. The bad thing is, I don't know, you tell me.

More photos will up. Taken during World Cyber Games 2010. I just got my memory card back, it's been misplaced and I finally found it in my dictionary. So, more hot and sexy photos will up real soon. Stay tuned.