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Can't remember when was the last time this blog is updated. Was spending the precious holiday with my family and friends. Blogging normally take me hours to update so I intentionally abandoned it to not jeopardize the family gathering time. Essentially, they are my priority.

By the way, just a shout out : I got the boyfriend pawned during his 26th Birthday! Will blog about it soon so stay tuned yo! Today's post will purely to share some of my thoughts, I feel that I need to get this off my chest before I change my perspectives again.


Many things have happened recently. Two of my closest friends lost their loved one. The descendents were not old enough to leave us. I understand that death is one of the normal stage of life (Unless you're a vampire). I just couldn't live with the fact that some people leave the world before they get the chance to explore the world! It's saddening to me. My advice is to be grateful when you still have people around and love you for who you are, although he or she isn't your lover! So please stop with the #foreveralone, in fact nobody is alone forever!


There's a said saying : Money is priceless. Money can't buy happiness.
Later on, an anonymous beg to differ by responding : If money can't buy happiness, she/he must have bought the wrong thing!

I find it super hilarious! It must be a major turn off to those who are strong believers of the first statement!


I've seen people whom self-respect and confidence boost up to level 99 when they are loaded with designer-bags. It keeps me wondering who they would be if without all the price tags. If they're unhappy, you can easily buy their heart depending on the digit printed on the price tags. From my point of view, though they might be too realistic and materialistic, but they are actually making other's life easier. 

"It's not longer a problem if money can solve it" - anonymous. Though I regularly find out that money is the major problem.


Personal satisfaction is the key.


There is a fine line between good or bad. We can't define anyone based on uncertainties. You can't tell that a girl with designer bag is materialistic, probably she does loaded with money and why can't she buy a Prada instead of Tropicana Life? Does it mean that people without a designer bag are certainly poor?


And when some people said life's sucks, I said life's great. I don't know what he or she has been gone through, but the best thing that ever happen in my life is still happening; I AM STILL BREATHING. Despite all the bad time in life, I am still a winner by breath in breath out.


Move on. If you can't, move along. Life is too short for you to worry about that little things. Recently, there were hearsay that a particular person is still badmouthing me although years has passed since the scenario. She intentionally responded to my shout out in Facebook and Twitter. I did not care much because there were nothing to be said and done.

Reap what you sow, I hope she can understand this. She had been making anonymous calls to my numbers and all she ever did is yelling at me, I couldn't understand what she was yelling about, it was so unclear. I was puzzled and who the hell was this person. My mind was totally blank when she first called me. Second day, third day, forth day... my classmates started to take turn and answered the calls on behalf of me.  Even my Chemistry teacher, she knew it.


Thankfully that I have friends around, one of them was her classmates. This friend of mine called and wrote me a letter, came clean with whatever had happened. Ironically, after that, other girls called me and came clean as well. The most interested part was, all of them were the caller's best friends.

Admittedly, I was upset when she twisted the whole stories. The truth is, she admired the boyfriend of mine and commanded me not to control him. I told her calmly that I can't do anything if the boyfriend has no interest in her. She couldn't stop yelling at me, and finally she broke down, sobbing and asked me to leave my boyfriend so that my boyfriend will be with her. She is a pathetic psycho, indeed.


Forgiving her or not is totally out of this issue. As far as I concern, her love life has not been in good condition. She cheated on her previous boyfriend, fortunately that her friends informed the ex boyfriend. I strongly believe that her friends meant good intention. She then begged for his forgiveness. She failed apparently, she was dumped. You reap what you sow, I hope she understand this. I reckon that she is trying to get rid of her current boyfriend as well. Let's wait and see.


She is the one who decided to live under one's shadow, nobody could do anything about it, neither do I. Why should I care?She regularly stalking and mocking me, let it be. Everyone knows the truth.


There are many choices in life. You choose the walk of life and don't regret. It's your life experience no matter good or bad. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is an ancient law. Though we live in a contemporary world, I find it efficiently good. Be good to me or you'll get the worse of me.


It was a sunny day in Melbourne when I realized that by giving intense concentration in my life do surely keep all the vulnerability from me! I used to be very vulnerable in making decision. From buying groceries to college. Time waits for everyone, but vulnerable people. I've gradually change to a better person throughout the years, especially in taking chances. Failure doesn't mean losing, but a room for improvement, get it?


I want a decent car, I want to travel occasionally, I want to upgrade my wardrobe but after all that happened recently... stay healthy is all I'm wishing for. I still want all those but it's not my Top Ten. Maybe people changed from time to time, I think I've become more.... down to earth. #justkidding


By the way, I've experienced that the term of be humble is not for everyone. #justsaying I shall stop writing or another cyber cat fight will occur due to my personal opinion. So before I'm signing off,


There are talented people out there who constantly making our world an interesting space to lived in! Check out this Malaysia girl in the video, enjoy!

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them - Walter E. Disney

Who received postcards from me?

The people I've met, stories I've heard, artworks and books that inspires me, jokes that make my laugh out loud... all these excites me. I have feelings and certainly not a dead people. I'm able to walk, jump, sing and swim! It's enough for me to feel blessed and loved. Braces yourself for what is coming to you! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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