Super love holidays! Tell me who doesn't? Sadly, my boyfriend is an extreme workaholic. His schedule always fully occupied with drum classes! Let it alone the weekends, as Saturdays and Sundays are the days when most of his students will come for drum lesson!

I've been nagging the boyfriend to bring me to Publika. Don't assume I'm such a terrible girlfriend. Sometimes I spend my holidays with friends, for example, having meatballs in IKEA, watching movies in MV, dining in Pavillion.I don't nag the boyfriend for all these. #geddit


My intention was to try out the Fatboy Burgers. Didn't make it at last, as we found an eating place at the ground floor! The food displays are so tempting that, I told the boyfriend to have our dinner there instead!


He's my person. The person who always be with me, when I'm thrilled, sad, happy, angry, sarcastic, sleepy lol. We've been together for 9 years and hopefully it will last forever! Can't wait for our Japan trip! #random


So, despite all the bad experiences of me ordering too much foods, he decided to let me make the order for both of us. Look at my greedy eyes people! You know what's in my mind, exactly.


It's true fact. When you're hungry, your mind seems jammed and you conveniently allow your stomach to rule your mind. You can't make decision what to order what not to, you WANT ALL THE THINGS printed on the menu.

Here I present, this is for him.

B.I.G Lasagna, with one side dish, Roast potato with string beans. 


And this is for myself.

A half Spit Roasted Chicken with two choices of side dishes, baked pumpkin and Orecchiette Pasta Salad.


And of course, a glass of lemonade!


We actually shared our meals. He's forced to 'cause I finished almost half of his lasagna. I conveniently pushed the leftover chicken breast part to him, I iz chicken breast hater. #likethatalsocan


What a scrumptious dinner! We took our own sweet time to finish the meal, a big portion of dinner for two! When I just started eating, I told him I want to have an ice cream later. Well, it was quite impossible after a quarter of the chicken and half of the lasagna. Not forgetting the baked pumpkin and potatoes!


After the dinner, we spontaneously walked into Nail Parlour and signed up for one-time manicure and pedicure treatment! As usual, the boyfriend will sit at the corner, fully concentrated to his game while waiting for me. I'm a happy girl again!


Before we headed back, we had a night walk in Desa Park City. It's so exciting to know that, this is a dog-friendly park! We decided to bring Roche and Gambit for a walk here! Yes, we did, last two weeks! It was already night time and less dogs walking in the park. We practically off-leash our giant dogs and let them run in the park! Frankly speaking, I'm not afraid that my furkids will hurt somebody, what I was worrying is, somebody turned up and scared the hell out of himself/herself looking at my dogs. What if they tripped and fell? I was so worried that, I kept calling my furkids back, the boyfriend laughed at me for being such a paranoid owner! After the walk, we brought our furkids to the mall. Roche is so smart that she walked into the doughnut shop and nagged us to buy for her! Eventually, we back home with a dozen of doughnuts and a cup of Chatime with extra pearls! My furkids love it so much that they will do trick just for it! They're so cute! Why are they so cute and smart, tell me.

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