This is the second time we took part in Dogathon, but this time the event is even bigger with more dogs. Last year, I brought 3 of my dogs and for this time, I brought all of them, including Gambit, the new member who just joined the family 3 months ago.

Gambit, the 5 Months Baby Alaskan Malamute.

Mumble, the mix-blooded of Sharpei and Bull Mastiff.

Joker, the incredible hulk pug.

Roche, the most enthusiastic Belgium Shepherd.

Health screening before the registration. At this stage, they will check if your dog carries any contagious sickness that might harm other dogs. These future vets will also inspect if your dogs are in good tempered and fit to join this event. Undoubtedly, my dogs passed this stage and just for your information, they praised that all my dogs are well-trained and friendly to humans. Urgh, my dogs will bite on command.

Fastest Eating Duo.

Roche joined the large breed group but did not win the game. She refused to finish to food and I guess the food is not as delicious as what we feed her with, lols. So drummer-bee and Mumble joined for the 3rd round and they are the first runner up! Drummer-bee was 3 seconds after the other pair as the owner finished the task first. Mumble can ate so fast and she was waiting for her daddy to feed her with the jelly.

Rise of Giza

Mumble and my brother did not won for this round but Mumble won the first runner up the previous round when she teamed up with her daddy. :) Daddy and daughter rawks!

Mumble won twice for this game. They have 4 rounds and I have 3 tickets with me. So I've registered Mumble for the 2nd round and she won it! Then for the 4th round, I registered Roche and Mumble in the same group and guess what? Both of them were the top 3 and they won the game!

The Mummification

Your dog needs to bring the bandage by wrapping it around their body and run to the ending point. There were 5 color dots and you need to cover the dots with bandage. Once you finished wrapping it, just raise your hand to the judges. Mumble won the 1st runner up because she can run fast.

The prizes. :)

Everybodyloves Dogathon.