Treat my family a dinner in IR1968 to celebrate the 8th Year Anniversary.

The decoration in the restaurant.

3 weeks ago, I contacted the person-in-charge to make a booking for VIP room. They are attentive and sincere, they basically fulfilled all my requests perfectly and I have nothing to complain about. The person-in-charge had given me her personal number which is really out of my expectation. Our arrival is welcomed by the restaurant manager, a 21 years old lady. my god, so capable and she is way too matured to be in her age.

We love the ambiance and most importantly, the quality of the food really worth for the every cent I spent.   

I know it looks weird and incomplete without the pictures of food. Just for you to laugh, it's been a long time I never play badminton until 2 days ago. My whole body is aching and I hardly press the keyboards. I feel so exhausted but man, talk about sweating and your shirts wet, I love the feeling of it. I feel so alive and wet, lols. So, in another 3 hours, I'll conquer the world play badminton with my buddies and brother. Toddles!