Sakae Sushi indeed a recommended place to have Japanese. The prices are affordable and it doesn't taste weird wth. Sorry to tell, if compared to Sushi King, Sakae Sushi has better quality and service. Seriously I don't recommend to dine in Sushi King, undeniably it used to be my favorite place because Sushi King is the Japanese restaurant in my town during my younger time.

Then I move to this big city for further studies, I am fed with so many new and exciting things that I never come across in my hometown. Sakae Sushi is one of the new things. I had a friend gathering few months back and they suggested Sakae Sushi for dinner. Since then, to be speicfic, within 6 months, I went there for 4 times, including this time.

It feels so much better and convenient where we actually have a self-service ordering touch screen. It is just a click away to order your food. Cut the crap for waving your hand calling for always-being-blind-and-deaf waiters/waitresses, it make me feel like an idiot, seriously. Also the frustration for waiting them to refill your green tea, it would like take them forever to refill it. In Sakae Sushi, you can refill 1245865745266 times as you like because the hot water pipe just a hand away.

Beef and mushroom rice.

Teriyaki Chicken rice.

Tempura noodle.

The dish of the month : Scallop.

on Apart from their variety of sushi on belt, I love their green tea. It tastes differently. Take a sip and you'll feel the aroma of roasted rice mixed with green tea ohmygod I likey it. I've been searching for such green tea and please tell me if you able to find one.

Apart from that, if you ask me where the most suitable place for first time dating, I'll pick Sakae Sushi. Girls can always check out their teeth or  mouth or face for ketchup stains or whatsoever.  Or you can practice your smile before your date arrives. Talk about convenience. *wink wink*

Prank him, Drummer Bee's younger brother. He checked his teeth immediately after I told him that seaweed stuck in between his tooth. And snap snap snap! Aww, I like the feelings for making fun out of him.

I know it looks so bad, but my stomach was so full and when I felt so full, my brain will go funny and started to make stupid jokes, it was like being not me at all. I am a very serious person, mind you.

Recently I just received this RM20 cash voucher from Citibank, thus I decided to utilize it before the due date. The bill was RM89 ++ but after the deduction, we only paid for about RM70. Don't be upset if you are Citibank Card user but you do not received any vouchers from them. Now, all Citibank Credit Card users are entitled for buy 1 free 1 hand-roll promotion at Sakae Sushi!

This promotion will end on 31st Dec 2010. So hurry peeps!

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