It's been awhile since the last dine-in with le boyfriend, just both of us. I was busy since last December, came back from Seoul, rushing for a project, flew to Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, then Chinese New Year celebration, ignored Valentine's celebration, back to work again.


I had a meeting with a project client in Mid Valley, while the boyfriend wants to check out GoPro so we set the shopping mall as our meeting point around the evening. I seriously need a chilling #paktohdate after the suffocating hectic schedule, juggling between my office work and #EuphoriaProject. Our regular choice is always Japanese food, I suggested to check out the newly opened Vietnamese shop next to Canton-i.

Checking out the menu

Honestly speaking, this is exactly how it looks like of my ideal menu. It's like a learning board for toddlers, learning it step-by-step. You may choose your appetizers, main course, and drink and desserts accordingly.

The normal portion for an adult is 160g per serve/noodles set. As you can see, the portions are from 80g to 200g. The waitress suggested us to order the recommended portion first, then add another 40g with no extra charge.

Ca Phe Sua RM7.90 (hot) / RM8.90 (Cold)

If you haven't try, you must try the famous aromatic Vietnamese Dripping Coffee with condensed milk. The boyfriend is a hardcore fan for coffee, his favorite, it is.

Clam Spicy Soup (RM13.90), serving for two.

While waiting for our main course, I briefly talked about my annoyance towards a person that we both know personally. I don't know how to describe him perfectly but, he is definitely a #rkoi wannabe. Besides the fact that he has lesser 'like' than the hashtags he used in most of instagram posts, he self-proclaimed himself as a fashionable blogger (that I really loathe for, what a disgrace for fashionable people), the most annoying part is, he doesn't write a blog. Shall check out his hashtags to believe it. I was forced to unfollow him because his shamelessness is unconcealed that disgusted me.

Pho Ga Noodle Soup Chicken (RM15.90)

The boyfriend was patiently listening to my rant before he made any comment. I was surprised that he overheard what this particular person said to me during the last gathering. Regardless of the fact that this particular wannabe is a regular for Triple-A counterfeit, he arrogantly told me that he was a regular for a certain brands (which I was wearing that time) since years ago and now he has moved on to another collection. Like seriously, plenty of his collection of fake Givenchy shirts over my one-and-only Bambi and Female Form Antigona Tote? Like seriously, a Triple-A counterfeit Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes over my Marc by Marc Jacobs Studded Mouse Ballet Flat? Like seriously, a brat depending on family while I can speak better English (oh he knows why I even want to use this against him) and probably earned so much better than he is when I was at his age few years back?

Ga Nuong Lemongrass Chicken Rice (RM15.90)

Quoted from my boyfriend: "Being humble is a quality characteristic but also subjective depending who do you mingle with". To make it easier to understand, if you're trying to show off in front of the genuine ones, you're just talking cock and making yourself looks so bad. Period.

Socialization is a process where we learn about behaviours and self-esteem. From time to time, human gain inner development/realization where they experience the challenge of dealing with hardships. Apparently this wannabe has no self realization, yet.

Mouthwatering tender chicken meat.

He desperately seeking for social recognition. His instagram is full of counterfeits, begging for likes, fishing for attentions in all sorts of way. He has no originality at all to be frank. Why I even mentioned about originality, I'll keep it from the public knowing because I still hope he can achieve whatever he's longing for without "tumpang glamour".

Which concluded this particular wannabe or "屁孩" is another one bites the dust. Sarcastically, despite he tried numerously to triumph me, he often asks me to get my peers to support him. My peers aren't for you, little boy. Another joke is, he made a statement that we have the same pair of shoes but he got it earlier than me. Now what, another self-proclaimed title "Fashion Trendsetter"? I have no choice but to keep my mouth shut when he said it otherwise I'll laugh out loud and snort.

bu yao mei chi nong wo jiang kai xin, ke yi ma? ni zhe ge kai xin guo shi yao dang hong ren ma?

Seriously, I'll let him be even if the fact is I got mine reserved before the stock has arrived to Malaysia because my close friend freaking own the store! Can he even count the days difference between 26 weeks and 10 weeks in social posting, nevermind, it's too hard for him. Furthermore, to correct him is an useless act because the thickness of his face is unbreakable, as in Chinese, 以卵击石,用超大岩石都砸不死。

3 Scoops (RM7.30)

Anyways, Sangkaya as a treat for getting things off my chest. It's the first time I paid for Sangkaya though.

Lot 203B, Mid Valley Megamall
03-2201 1181
Rate: 7/10

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