Congratulations to our Malaysian team who takes lead at the 8th MBA International Badminton Championship!

Overall, Malaysia took the lead with 11 gold medals, followed by Indonesia with 5 golds and China, Taiwan and Singapore had 3 golds respectively.  

The three-day event attracted over 450 local and international badminton players to Port Dickson participating in 25 different categories. The tournament includes all categories in an official tournament and also offers additional categories which are popular amongst families such as 3v3 (triples instead of just doubles) and family doubles (one parent and one child).

As one of the pioneers in the badminton industry in Malaysia, MBA’s vision is to be the hub of private badminton training and solutions at the international level, to produce world-class players. “We have held over 10 major international tournaments over the years, hosting close to 10 thousand players from around the world. Our training academy has trained almost 35,000 students via our junior development programmes and provided free training for underprivileged children via our Hope for Change badminton charity programme,” said Lee.

Former Thomas Cup player, Mr Kwek Chiew Peng, 63, who also participated in the Championship walked away with first and second place for categories in men’s doubles (combined aged 110) and men’s doubles (combined aged 120) respectively.

The badminton coach and former national player from Port Dickson expressed his excitement on the new MBA badminton facility being so close to home. “I want to urge all parents to encourage and bring their children to play badminton as it is a healthy activity. If I was 30 years old, I will be able to produce a lot of good players here,” said Kwek.

Married couple Hema and Dinesh who are coaches in Petaling Jaya, also participated in the tournament for the category mixed double. “The plan was to bring our students here to play and gain experience. Since they have the mixed doubles category, we decided to play as well,” they happily quipped.

Apart from local badminton enthusiasts, MBA is also honoured to have the exceptional backing of its international counterparts from Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam that have continuously been supportive towards MBA’s International Tournaments over the years.

Myai from Vietnam has been playing badminton for 10 years and has participated in many
tournaments around the world.  Commenting on how much fun she had at the 8th MBA International Championship as she did in other international tournaments, Myai said, “This is not my first time playing in Malaysia and I will come back again to play if MBA is organizing another international tournament.”

Also in attendance of the official opening of MBA Port Dickson was Mr Ng Chin Chai, Secretary of Badminton Association Malaysia (BAM) and Mr Wu Jun Yan, President of the World Chinese Badminton Federation.


Calling all badminton enthusiasts!

In conjunction with the launch of MBA Port Dickson, the 8th MBA International Badminton Tournament will be held in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Besides the usual 2v2 and 1v1, in addition, this year the organizer includes a fun 3v3 category, catering for badminton players of all ages and gender. If you ever plan to form a team with your kids, parents or another two of your preferred players in a team, it's your chance now!

Details are as below:

Venue: MBA Port Dickson
Date: March 11 (Friday) – March 13 (Sunday), 2016
Participation fees: RM60 and above (depending on category)


Men - Singles open, Doubles open, Combined age 100, Combined age 110, Combined age 120, Combined age 130, Combined age 140, Combined age 150
Women - Singles open, Doubles open, Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50 and above
Mixed - Doubles open
Boys - Singles U10, U12, U14, U16, Doubles U10, U12, U14, U16
Girls - Singles U12, U16, Doubles U12, U16
Three - person team (3v3) - Combined age 210, Combined age 220
Family (Doubles tournament) - Parent and child (U12), Parent and Child Open

With over RM20,000 prized to be won, wait no more! For registration, contact MDA at 03 78034166 or 012 9698101, alternatively, visit their official website. See you next weekend!